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0006127unrealircdpublic2022-06-17 13:14
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Summary0006127: Command /server It does not identify itself automatically on NickServ (Anope)

Today I wanted to type this on a mIRC script with a renovation skin:

/server [thepassword]
/server [thepassword] -i TheNick

It does not identify itself automatically on NickServ (Anope)
Before a few months ago there was no problem at this level.

I tested the same command under AdiIRC and the problem is the same.

Where does the problem come from? UnrealIRCd 6 or Anope 2.0.11?

With mIRC I tested this for sasl and it works fine:
/server -i TheNick -l sasl TheNick:Password

But not the other command (without sasl)

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2022-06-09 03:06

reporter   ~0022552

I think you missing something here, your IRC client (mirc or adiirc) using the /server command as:
/server [-46demntpfoczu] <server/group> [port] [password] [-i nick anick email name] [-jn #channel pass] [-l method password] [-key certificate filename]

so when you doing /server [thepassword] -i TheNick
then you saying on client to connect on into ssl/tls port 6697 with [thepassword] as server password and not nickserv identifying password, you have to use -l switch instead as The -l switch specifies the login method, which can be: sasl, external, ecdsa, scram, msg, or nickserv.

also if your SASL is working on your server that means you doing something wrong in client side, otherwise if you tried using SASL at all and failed then you doing something wrong in ircd or services.


2022-06-09 07:13

administrator   ~0022554

Last edited: 2022-06-09 07:13

Indeed, and the last version that had this "turn server password into nickserv password" thing was UnrealIRCd 4. So that is long ago. It conflicts with other server password use and was not as good as SASL. People should really use SASL, almost every IRC client supports that nowadays :)


2022-06-09 13:28

reporter   ~0022555

Ok thanks that's good to know. I thought the /server command password always sends it to NickServ.

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