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0006128unrealdocumentationpublic2022-06-13 08:21
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Summary0006128: tkl.TKL_ADD and tkl.TKL_DEL on Eggdrop

I've been logging logs for years like using /debug @log on mIRC, it's filed for each day.
I found that the TKL_ADD and TKL_DEL were not registered. Do you know how to make it record? Because sometimes you have to look at the expiration time

I have this in eggdrop.conf:
logfile so * "/home/irclog/public_html/logs/status"
Eggdrop v1.8.4


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2022-06-12 23:11

reporter   ~0022556

what? :o


2022-06-12 23:43

reporter   ~0022557

Ah oops, sorry, it does log the TKL_ADD and TKL_DEL, it's just that there is no nickname in the line, only the usermask

It is resolved


2022-06-12 23:48

reporter   ~0022558

i just still really dont understand. eggdrop logging? why would that be an unreal problem?
also v.1.8.4 is old.. do upgrade your egg :)
also i still don't understand. :D

though: iam glad you figured it out. :D :)


2022-06-13 00:26

reporter   ~0022559

It's updated since tonight, I avoided updating because often it's complicated you have to spend time on it, and sometimes there are problems with "tcl.lib" something like that


2022-06-13 08:20

administrator   ~0022560

Last edited: 2022-06-13 08:21

Seems solved (eggdrop).

As for a little background:
There's no nickname in TKL_ADD/TKL_DEL because the bans are not done on a nick name as tkl's are placed on hosts (or other criteria, but not nicks).
For TKL_DEL it would be impossible to show nicks, of course, there would be no way.
For TKL_ADD, a TKL can affect 1 nick, 1000 nicks, or 0, and that would only be "in that instant". You can look at client disconnect messages to see who was affected. For clients affected by a TKL after it has been placed, eg newly connecting clients affected by the ban, UnrealIRCd will not trigger any message. Such a feature has been requested once ("show rejected clients") but it would be quite noisy and kinda defeat the main idea of keeping troublemakers out without causing a mess. I don't think it's a great idea. Logging can slow things down quite a bit. And delivering such massive amount of rejected notices over IRC is a bad idea as it would clutter IRCOps screens and even cause them to be flooded off (SendQ exceeded).

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