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0006174unrealircdpublic2022-12-07 17:12
ReporterPeGaSuS Assigned Tosyzop  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Fixed in Version6.0.5-rc1 
Summary0006174: Add TLINE command to test how broad a *-Line would be
DescriptionWith the command "/TLINE <mask>", would display how many users (and possibly which) users would be affected by the a *-Line.

This would be useful, especially in networks that have "set::options::allow-insane-bans" enabled.

The output could be something like:
TLINE: 20 of 100 (20%) network users affected.

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2022-10-02 17:04

reporter   ~0022655

Not to mention this also would be useful when setting country based *-Lines, like "/GLINE ~country:BD 0 :Too much spam from this country."


2022-12-07 17:11

administrator   ~0022682

Last edited: 2022-12-07 17:12

Indeed, especially for that. Thanks for the suggestion and the PR was accepted as well. This is in 6.0.5-rc1.

commit 4999ae408ccc6d61af4f42744f39ed033a6dd345
Author: Ron Nazarov <[email protected]>
Date: Sun Oct 30 02:42:11 2022 +0000

    Add TLINE command
    Suggested by PeGaSuS in

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