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0006193unrealircdpublic2022-12-21 08:58
ReporterValware Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version6.0.5-rc2 
Summary0006193: On 6.0.5-git and probably before, servers not allowed to set own creation time
Descriptioncreationtime does not allow self_write

[15:01:25] [warn] Remote server tried to write moddata creationtime of a client from ours ( -- attempt BLOCKED
Steps To ReproduceLink a server
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2022-12-14 16:15

administrator   ~0022687

I had to look up why this is the case, but... the creationtime moddata is meant to be used only for users. For servers we already receive the creation time:
* For local servers (directly connected): PROTOCTL BOOTED=xxxx
* For remote servers: the first parameter of the SINFO command

It's a bit of a shame we have 2 methods for servers and 1 method for clients, though, 3 methods in total. Even though "only one method is valid for each type of use".. so to say.

We could start accepting creationtime for servers (already the case, since there is no check for it) and for self (your patch). And start sending it too. But I'm not so sure if that is the right approach. The problem with having multiple methods to do the same is like... what if the value differs in PROTOCTL/SINFO vs moddata.

I'll think about it some more, but likely not any further this month.


2022-12-21 08:58

administrator   ~0022688

I've applied your patch (PR) which fixed the bug report here.

Could leave this bug open, as described, for the phase out plan or dealing with the other ways to communicate the same info, but.. then it would just linger for years for something this small... not really worth it. Closing.

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