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0006259unrealircdpublic2023-04-13 18:56
Reporterarmyn Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.0.7 
Fixed in Version6.1.0-rc2 
Summary0006259: JSON-RPC - channel object : the color codes are missing in the topic
DescriptionI ran this command in php:
$json= ["jsonrpc"=> "2.0", "method"=> "channel.list", "params"=> "{}", "id"=> 123];

I also noticed this on unrealircd-webpanel in the "channels" section.
I noticed that no topic had any colors or bold or anything, is this normal or an oversight?
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2023-04-13 18:06

administrator   ~0022834

Currently JSON-RPC and JSON logging share the same code with regards to "sanitizing" stuff, like leaving out color codes and such. So it's kinda a side-effect of that.

I agree that JSON-RPC should not have that limitation though. Well maybe in the log messages over JSON-RPC... but not in the normal JSON-RPC calls like channel.get channel.list etc...


2023-04-13 18:56

administrator   ~0022835

Done now, thanks for bringing it up.

commit 66b82592343758b69cbed85de25270d0ca970d70 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Apr 13 18:51:06 2023 +0200

    JSON-RPC: don't do filtering on low ASCII like we do for JSON logging.
    This way things like the TOPIC will keep their color codes if they have it.
    Reported by armyn in
    (And yeah i used a global to achieve this, otherwise it has too much
     of a cascading effect in XYZ functions)

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