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0006319unrealircdpublic2024-04-07 08:02
ReporterBlackBishop Assigned To 
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Summary0006319: "ban user" and "require authentication" is not a mask item
DescriptionTrying to `ban user` seems to crash

ban user {
  mask ~security-group: badpeople;
  reason "you shouldn't be here';

Trying in another way

security-group badpeople {
  mask {
ban user {
  mask {
    security-group {
  reason "You shouldn't be here!";

Results in:
ban::mask specified without a value
ban::mask is missing
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3rd party modules



2023-07-26 11:17

reporter   ~0022980

The example `Ban all except` in doesn't work either.
I just can't make ban user work for some reason.

And `mask ~security-group: badpeople;` is a reproducible crash on another platform also. I know the syntax is wrong, but it still shouldn't crash.


2023-07-26 12:49

administrator   ~0022981

Fixed the crash:
commit 2665cec73bad67acc79232e633c8887352525c97 (HEAD -> unreal60_dev, origin/unreal60_dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Bram Matthys <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Jul 26 12:44:31 2023 +0200

    Fix crash when ~security-group:securitygroup is used in conf (so old style
    in eg ban user::mask).
    Reported by BlackBishop in

But you are right, the 'new' syntax / mask item syntax (and thus the example) does not work in "ban user". The code uses the old style. While many other places including "except ban" support the new style (Mask item).
I will leave this bug open until that issue is resolved, I won't have time for this in the next few weeks.


2023-07-26 13:05

reporter   ~0022982

Thank you!


2023-09-09 10:54

administrator   ~0023022

Renamed to "ban user is not a mask item" and is now a feature request. Documentation adjusted for now.


2024-04-07 08:02

administrator   ~0023165

Merged report 0006397 in here: this is now also about "require authentication", which nearly uses the same code.

Both ban user { } and require authentication { } will support a real mask item somewhere in the future. Don't have an exact time or which release.

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