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0006417unrealinstallingpublic2024-06-14 10:50
Reporterhnj Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.1.5 
Fixed in Version6.1.7-rc1 
Summary0006417: Inconsistent option handling in Config script
DescriptionThe `Config` script is not consistent when it comes to option handling:
* the option `--help` shows that the three other available options do not follow the same scheme of two dashes followed by a word but instead use only one dash while …
* the option `-help` is ignored even though its scheme of "one dash followed by one word" would be consistent with all other options that it would work.

Desired behaviour:
`./Config -h` should either display the help or show an error that an unknown argument was given. Just ignoring the argument is not good style.
`./Config -help` should display the help to be in line with the scheme used for other options like `-nointro`: one dash followed by one word.
`./Config --help` should either display the help or show an error that an unknown argument was given. The prevalent scheme seems to be "one dash followed by one word" for options and this does not follow it.
Steps To Reproduce./Config -h
./Config -help
./Config --help
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2024-06-14 10:50

administrator   ~0023218

Not that important but yeah easy fix ;)

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