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0006422unrealircdpublic2024-06-19 23:42
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Product Version6.1.5 
Summary0006422: query security-groups
DescriptionI would like to be able to query
* which security-groups there are
* members of a given security-group.

The former could possibly best be done with /STATS?
The latter would possibly best be done with a /WHO flag?
Tags/stats, security
3rd party modules



2024-06-19 09:40

reporter   ~0023227


2024-06-19 22:33

reporter   ~0023228

Cool, but that code does not seem to handle the case when there is both a security-group 'tls-users' and a user 'tls-users'. AFAICT if the user exists it won’t list the members of the group.
Can you just do both if both exist?
Or provide separate commands.


2024-06-19 23:42

reporter   ~0023229

Thanks for the feedback.

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