Released 2020-01-03
  • 0005499: [ircd] Reputation database not saving (syzop)
  • 0005501: [ircd] Blacklist module doesn't allow clients to connect if warn action set (syzop)
  • 0005509: [ircd] @if causes miscounting of line numbers shown in config errors (syzop)
  • 0005346: [ircd] U5: WHOX help (syzop)
  • 0005514: [ircd] Misleading error message when trying to join a channel not starting with # (syzop)
  • 0003256: [ircd] maxperip exception block (syzop)
  • 0005507: [ircd] ELINE option to exempt maxperip restriction (syzop)
  • 0005273: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't let O-Line staff members to remove a channel mode from MLOCK if services are down (syzop)
  • 0005495: [installing] Segmentation fault (core dumped) (syzop)
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