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0005852: [ircd] The shun ~ a:account does not work (syzop)
0005334: [ircd] U5: WHOX searching on reputation (argvx)
0005843: [ircd] /eline ~S:CERT returns an invalid error (syzop)
0005836: [ircd] security-group::tls cannot be used in config file. (syzop)
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Released 2021-03-13
0005784: [ircd] Add support for dated logfiles (syzop)
0005802: [ircd] Option to limit the number of connections per IP globally (syzop)
0005820: [ircd] /Eline bugging with the spamfilter or it's me who doesn't know how to use it (syzop)
0005806: [ircd] [5.0.9-git] Localhost IPs ( CIDR) on webirc gives false positive on dronebl dnsbl and stops users from connecting (syzop)
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Released 2020-12-30
0005549: [installing] Symlink to the source directory (syzop)
0005801: [ircd] make binary print better error on script args (syzop)
0005799: [ircd] Messages from Services are omitted after 8 lines (syzop)
0005797: [ircd] [5.0.8-git] When using /rehash, we are warned every ~40s that the certificate is about to expire (syzop)
0002984: [ircd] Some /stats features. (syzop)
0005766: [ircd] USER command post-registration returns wrong numeric (syzop)
0005774: [ircd] Add a reason and ID to "Forbidding Q-lined" message (syzop)
0005787: [ircd] unreal reports "this server is full" and closes connection, when it is nowhere near maxclients or fd limit (syzop)
0005727: [ircd] warn on expiring certificates (syzop)
0005769: [ircd] Problem with password and/or ident in the block Allow (syzop)
0005761: [ircd] WHO accountname a only shows all logged in entities if neither uses the nick accountname (syzop)
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Released 2020-09-28
0003895: [ircd] OPERMOTD suffix incorrect (syzop)
0003517: [documentation] Tempshun on documentation (syzop)
0004722: [ircd] /stats b is not listing the badword filters (syzop)
0005758: [ircd] server-time messages out of order (syzop)
0005708: [ircd] Multiple lines (\r\n) in single websocket frame with labeled-response (syzop)
0005736: [ircd] +b ~T:censor results in empty PRIVMSG (syzop)
0005698: [ircd] Voiced users bypass +b ~T:block and +b ~T:censor (syzop)
0005753: [ircd] /links will show in mIRC even when disabled. (syzop)
0005757: [ircd] WHO hides yourself in result if not in any channels (syzop)
0005745: [ircd] Memory leak and constant rehashing of certificates (syzop)
0005746: [ircd] /mode #channel +l 2147483648 adds gibberish for the channel limit. (syzop)
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Released 2020-07-16
0005707: [ircd] History playback-on-join settings are ignored (syzop)
0005709: [ircd] Invalid batch tags when using @label-ed HISTORY command (syzop)
0005688: [ircd] Incorrect server message when LOGOUT from the nickname (syzop)
0005723: [ircd] Bug of tempshun on spamfilter (syzop)
0003972: [ircd] Autoconnect link does not reconnect after split (syzop)
0005607: [ircd] Autoconnect links fail to reconnect: "called a function you should not call" (syzop)
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Released 2020-05-29
0005704: [ircd] labeled-response on websocket connections result in invalid messages from server (syzop)
0005687: [ircd] IRCD sends 2 times the NICK when services force a nickname change due late to identify (syzop)
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Released 2020-05-27
0005646: [installing] Update Windows libs for 5.0.5 (syzop)
0005680: [ircd] +f being set multiple times on netsync (syzop)
0005603: [ircd] TKL updates are gone (syzop)
0005669: [ircd] Rare crash issue involving third-party channel mode with param and +P (syzop)
0005667: [ircd] Buffer overflow in crule parser (syzop)
0005657: [documentation] who are limited to 100 results, when configured without limit (module whox.c) (syzop)
0005573: [ircd] restrict-commands: "exempt-identified" does not exempt "disable" (syzop)
0005632: [ircd] upgrade to c-ares 1.16.0 eventually (syzop)
0005634: [ircd] bypass ~f:#chan:mask ban by an operator invite (syzop)
0005644: [ircd] Chanmode +kL redirects even if joining with correct channel key (syzop)
0005640: [ircd] read_int64() may write OOB (syzop)
0005187: [installing] Default configuration can't use \p{} in spamfilter regexes (syzop)
0005679: [installing] update pcre2 to 10.35 (syzop)
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Released 2020-04-19
0005566: [ircd] Problem with shun (/shun and shun of spamfilter) (syzop)
0005629: [ircd] Incorrect user shown removing glines, gzlines and spamfilters on remote server (syzop)
0002655: [ircd] Tempshun listing, identification (syzop)
0005519: [ircd] /stats s doesn't seem to show tempshuns (syzop)
0005355: [ircd] U5: hide idle option for regular users (syzop)
0005553: [ircd] Crash when unloading module with moddata (syzop)
0005580: [ircd] Can't remove remote tempshuns (syzop)
0005616: [ircd] Sajoin user 0 works but nicklists do not update to show parting of channels (syzop)
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Released 2020-02-11
0005558: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't changing the nickname in some cases (syzop)
0005554: [ircd] Crash reporter often not running? (syzop)
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Released 2020-02-08
0005547: [ircd] Update labeled-response: drop draft/ (syzop)
0005540: [ircd] EventAdd() from module ??? with suspiciously low every_msec value (2) (syzop)
0005541: [ircd] /stats Z does not work (syzop)
0005521: [ircd] /SAPART command doesn't send a /PART to channels with chmode +D (syzop)
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Released 2020-01-22
0005535: [ircd] Opers are only joined to the first channel if multiple channels are specified in set::oper-auto-join (syzop)
0005528: [ircd] /ELINE flags 'fg' doesn't working at all (syzop)
0005458: [ircd] New set::options::spamfilter-ban-ident option (syzop)
0005029: [ircd] can you add the manual /kline to ban-include-username yes; (syzop)
0003984: [ircd] TKL exemption for SSL certificates. (requested by Veil). (syzop)
0005276: [ircd] UnrealIRCD blacklist + antirandom modules doesn't let the user connect in if ban-action is warn,shun,tempshun,kill (syzop)
0005524: [ircd] Except Throttle does not work on 5.0.1 (syzop)
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Released 2020-01-03
0005499: [ircd] Reputation database not saving (syzop)
0005501: [ircd] Blacklist module doesn't allow clients to connect if warn action set (syzop)
0005509: [ircd] @if causes miscounting of line numbers shown in config errors (syzop)
0005346: [ircd] U5: WHOX help (syzop)
0005514: [ircd] Misleading error message when trying to join a channel not starting with # (syzop)
0003256: [ircd] maxperip exception block (syzop)
0005507: [ircd] ELINE option to exempt maxperip restriction (syzop)
0005273: [ircd] UnrealIRCD doesn't let O-Line staff members to remove a channel mode from MLOCK if services are down (syzop)
0005495: [installing] Segmentation fault (core dumped) (syzop)
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Released 2019-12-13
0005274: [documentation] update default configuration file (syzop)
0002723: [ircd] allow-userhost-change force-rejoin not done @ SVSMODE -xt by services (syzop)
0004230: [ircd] Ident: Doesn't accept underscore (valid in RFC!) (syzop)
0005329: [tests] U5: buildbot enhancements (syzop)
0005381: [ircd] except blacklist issue (syzop)
0005207: [ircd] got strange set::modes-on-connect behaviour (syzop)
0005478: [upgrade-conf] Memory leak in upgrade-conf (AddressSanitizer) (syzop)
0005485: [ircd] SASL authentication only works in the server where services are directly linked (syzop)
0005483: [ircd] CAP LIST does not give any capabilities at all on IRCv3 capable IRC clients (syzop)
0004891: [ircd] staff-file doesn't work with URLs (syzop)
0005279: [ircd] UnrealIRCd 5 master tracking issue (syzop)
       0005339: [upgrade-conf] (Config) upgrade from 4.x to 5.x (syzop)
       0005323: [documentation] U5: publish doxygen docs (syzop)
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Released 2019-11-29
0005282: [ircd] Gottem's todo list yo (Gottem)
       0005338: [ircd] Port m_forward (partially) (Gottem)
0005281: [ircd] Configuration file ideas: define and conditional sections (syzop)
0005235: [ircd] Listen Block Rehash Issue (syzop)
0005176: [ircd] umode +q should only be for xx-with-override (syzop)
0005299: [tests] U5: different test framework (syzop)
0005408: [ircd] look at set options that are not freed (syzop)
0005462: [ircd] Successful ident replies still leads to idents being prefixed with an ~ (syzop)
0005469: [ircd] UnrealIRCd echoing messages that lead Atheme services crash (syzop)
0005310: [installing] FreeBSD: require gmake (syzop)
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Released 2019-11-15
0005369: [module api] Detect missing (global) mods network-wide (Gottem)
0005359: [ircd] U5: update libs (syzop)
0002330: [installing] [Win32] Not possible to install IRCD as a service run by a non-privileged user (syzop)
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Released 2019-11-02
0005312: [ircd] restrict-commands config option to make given commands oper-only (syzop)
0005417: [ircd] Server stops responding after unloading 'server-time' cap module (syzop)
0005412: [ircd] Unloading chanmode modules crashes the server (syzop)
0004620: [ircd] Use proper function instead of do_cmd() in NICK/UID (syzop)
0005415: [ircd] IRC errors when unloading "silence" module (syzop)
0005454: [ircd] Idle time on /WHOIS is set to 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC after a connect/reconnect (syzop)
0005219: [ircd] ./unrealircd configtest (syzop)
0005353: [ircd] U5: consider removing old protocol code (3.2.x etc) (syzop)
0005453: [ircd] SETNAME doesn't actually change the realname of the user (syzop)
0005109: Whitelist stats flags (reverse of oper-only-stats) (syzop)
0003372: [ircd] Assume password is sent when allow::password is sslclientcert and client is SSL (syzop)
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Released 2019-10-12
0005280: [ircd] IRCv3 features to implement in U5 (syzop)
       0005330: [ircd] finish labeled-response implementation (syzop)
0002993: [ircd] Charsets and channel names (syzop)
0003539: [ircd] Sending empty channel messages (syzop)
0005389: [ircd] VERSION during registration results in 005 with missing parameter (syzop)
0005438: [ircd] IRCD crashes when trying connecting via SASL + WEBIRC (syzop)
0005413: [ircd] Change restrict-commands server notice message into a raw 421 (Gottem)
0005333: [ircd] U5: control channel characters / utf8 (syzop)
0005321: [ircd] U5: cleanups (syzop)
0005295: [ircd] U5: Use more enums (syzop)
0004900: [ircd] Listen blocks should support using options { websockets; }; (syzop)
0005330: [ircd] finish labeled-response implementation (syzop)
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Released 2019-09-21
0005460: [installing] make fails "s_bsd.c:533:8: error: too many arguments to function 'setpgrp'" (syzop)
0005337: [ircd] Floodprot additions (Gottem)
0005345: [ircd] U5: convert PERM modules to unperm (syzop)
0005186: [ircd] Spamfilter exceptions (syzop)
0002406: [ircd] [Feature Request] /ELINE - exceptions for /GLINE (syzop)
0004177: [ircd] [m_list_delay] - /LIST COMMAND DELAYER! (syzop)
0004203: [ircd] convert commonly allocated structures to use mempool code (syzop)
0004144: [ircd] Define Variables in config file. (syzop)
0004976: [ircd] Clarify output of tkl update (syzop)
0004925: [ircd] Delay for /LIST and Private Messages (syzop)
0005268: [ircd] Include KLines/Zlines In exempt tkl block (syzop)
0005267: [ircd] Ban Forward/Redirect (syzop)
0005336: [ircd] Port m_nick_minlen (Gottem)
0005401: [ircd] floodprot: incorrect flood counts (at least for 't') (syzop)
0005418: [ircd] tkldb module does not handle exceptions (syzop)
0005416: [ircd] Module chanmodes/delayjoin doesn't make users visible on unload (syzop)
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Released 2019-09-07
0005197: [ircd] configure fails to detect openssl (syzop)
0005343: [ircd] U5: update hooks with messagetags (syzop)
0005349: [ircd] U5: more tkl changes (syzop)
0005367: [ircd] New option broadcast-channel-messages doesn't accept any value (syzop)
0005322: [ircd] U5: make Windows compile without compiler warnings (syzop)
0005320: [ircd] U5: Windows 64 bit version (syzop)
0005360: [installing] U5: clean up UnrealIRCd directory (syzop)
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Released 2019-08-20
0005094: [ircd] set::staff-file not working (syzop)
0004497: [ircd] tune file not read? (syzop)
0004221: [ircd] Feed previous text to users on channel join (syzop)
0005314: [ircd] Unable to complete ./Config: install: ./ No such file or directory (syzop)
0005294: [ircd] U5: update SSL/TLS ciphersuite (syzop)
0005332: [ircd] U5: restrict-commands (Gottem)
0005347: [ircd] memory leak, something with tags? (syzop)
0005285: [ircd] U5: Rename SSL to TLS (syzop)
0005331: [ircd] Port m_storetkl (Gottem)
0005319: [ircd] U5: some minor breakages (syzop)
0005309: [ircd] U5: channeldb (syzop)
0005289: [ircd] U5: Optimize hash table (syzop)
0005288: [module api] U5: register global variables/data (syzop)
0005287: [ircd] U5: Channel history (syzop)
0005284: [ircd] U5: Rename some source files (syzop)
0002897: [ircd] Add allow::options::wrongpasscont (argvx)
0004684: [module api] Allow m_nopost core module to 301 permanent redirect to a website (argvx)
0004492: [ircd] make umode +T block channel CTCP's as well (argvx)
0005016: [ircd] Ability to Hide OS Version in /VERSION (argvx)
0003337: [ircd] PingWarning (argvx)
0004578: [installing] Custom OpenSSL library path is ignored (argvx)
0005178: [ircd] SAJOIN with +vhoaq (argvx)
0005204: [ircd] CIDR support in WHO i (argvx)
0005325: [ircd] EXTBAN ~T could block part/quit messages containing the blocked words (syzop)
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Released 2019-07-07
0005327: [ircd] unknown directive set::ssl::outdated-protocols (syzop)
0004323: [ircd] m_invite_delay (syzop)
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Released 2019-06-30
0003818: [ircd] Ability to disallow new connections till further notice (syzop)
0003569: [ircd] Channel +b/+e/+I after netsplit (syzop)
0005326: [ircd] Every 5 mins i have this error message (syzop)
0005263: [ircd] CAP subcommands are case sensitive (syzop)
0005264: [ircd] Don't forward PASS into services if is already logged in (syzop)
0005253: [ircd] confusing link errors regarding certs (syzop)
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Released 2019-04-30
0003349: [ircd] Config and MAXCONNECTIONS (syzop)
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Released 2019-04-22
0005222: [ircd] invite flood option (syzop)
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Released 2019-02-11
0005205: [ircd] post-registration SASL not working (syzop)
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Released 2019-02-06
0005070: [ircd] Multiple channels/targets in KICK doesn't work properly (syzop)
0005192: [ircd] WHOX: Several undocumented behavior changes (syzop)
0005198: [ircd] Make gline/kline contact information message customizable (syzop)
0004692: [ircd] Allow adjusting topic length in configuration file (syzop)
0004372: [ircd] Optional nick!ident@host Display in Topic/Ban/Invite/Exception Lists (syzop)
0005183: [ircd] Transfer +beI original setters and setting times during server linking (syzop)
0005166: [ircd] Block CTCP while on umode +T (syzop)
0005184: [documentation] HELPOP EXTBANS is missing some.. (syzop)
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Released 2018-12-27
0005105: [ircd] add ssl tests (syzop)
0005116: [ircd] add argon2 password hashing support (syzop)
0005169: [ircd] config: incorrect line number In error messages (syzop)
0005172: [ircd] Hide remote includes auth information (syzop)
0004771: [ircd] inconsistent privileges (syzop)
0004075: [ircd] comments within comments are not ignored (syzop)
0005162: [module api] Cmdoverride priorities might be funky (syzop)
0005165: [ircd] Changing nick to a banned nick (syzop)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2018-09-30
0005118: [ircd] tell ircd NOT to load a module (syzop)
0003973: [ircd] Log linking attempts (syzop)
0005117: [ircd] Consider loading more modules by default (syzop)
0005111: [ircd] SVSMODE -t does not remove vhost (syzop)
0005108: [ircd] plaintext-policy: permit localhost oper/client (syzop)
0004909: [ircd] Extended ban on type "extbans/textban" not working properly on words with dots (syzop)
0005107: [ircd] more flexible 'require-sasl' requirements (syzop)
0005007: [ircd] antirandom: exclude webirc option (syzop)
0005102: [ircd] Use newer compiler for Windows build (syzop)
0005088: [ircd] Allow webirc gateway's IP to bypass max-unknown-connection-per-ip limit (syzop)
0003335: [ircd] Notice before bad password connect when password does not match allow::password (syzop)
0005017: [ircd] Make it easier for Windows users to build from source themselves (syzop)
0004575: [ircd] Support for WHOX and extended-join client capability (syzop)
0005149: [ircd] ciphersuites support for TLSv1.3 (syzop)
0005143: [module api] Priorities for CmdOverrides (syzop)
0005144: [ircd] away-notify fails to send :AWAY when users join channel while away (syzop)
0005130: [ircd] Permissions issues (syzop)
0004952: [ircd] Failure to display any /motd & /rules 2 hops away from local server (syzop)
0004538: [ircd] Truncated channels name (syzop)
0004840: [ircd] Duplicate error messages when attempting to set channel modes +O/+P as a regular user (syzop)
0005134: [ircd] Chanmode +z can't be overriden (syzop)
0005123: [ircd] Halfops don't see the users JOIN if chmode +D is set (syzop)
0003296: [ircd] /who suggestions (syzop)
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Released 2018-06-23
0005090: [ircd] memory leak via dead_link() (syzop)
0005106: [installing] Upgrading the IRCd normally leads to an error related to libcurl (syzop)
0005104: [ircd] Cannot connect to SSL port: No shared ciphers (syzop)
0005098: [ircd] WEBIRC users bypass blacklist checks (syzop)
0004231: [ircd] Create flags options in allow { }. (syzop)
0005092: [ircd] Add option to require SASL auth to connect (syzop)
0005066: [ircd] Numeric conflict (?) in m_ircops (syzop)
0005078: [ircd] ssl pointer not freed on error (syzop)
0005083: [ircd] ctx init on reload (syzop)
0005040: [ircd] blacklist: add ipv6 support (syzop)
0005087: [ircd] doesn't daemonize correctly (fork, close fds) (syzop)
0005079: [ircd] Change output of RPL_SNOMASK to have the snomask in a parameter (syzop)
0005052: [ircd] Segfault when parsing poorly-formed conf file (syzop)
0005064: [ircd] 'set::cloak-method ip' not working properly with DNS resolving (syzop)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-23
0003719: [ircd] Add UTF-8 support (syzop)
0004159: [ircd] Add timed channel bans (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2017-11-12
0004713: [ircd] memory leak in api-isupport.c:67 (syzop)
0005023: [module api] Denying HOOKTYPE_PRE_INVITE results in incorrect error string (syzop)
0004590: [ircd] warning is missing server name (syzop)
0004997: [ircd] /stats S not showing entire block (syzop)
0004882: [ircd] isupport does not update maxbans (syzop)
0004949: [ircd] user mode -r (syzop)
0005003: [ircd] ssl link certfp display in server links connections (syzop)
0005014: [ircd] add spki authentication type (syzop)
0004919: [ircd] When log is full, the ircd doesn't write 'Max file size reached, starting new log file' message (syzop)
0004957: [ircd] Hide last hostname part from cloaked hosts (syzop)
0005015: [ircd] set::allow-userhost-change force-rejoin not working (syzop)
0005012: [ircd] IRCv3 chghost caps support (syzop)
0005011: [ircd] move some settings from config.h to the conf (syzop)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2017-10-01
0005013: [ircd] Connection seen as localhost (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-09-15
0004980: [ircd] +N is not allowed for modes-on-connect even with the module noinvites added.. (syzop)
0004944: [ircd] Servername in link block is not verified (syzop)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2017-08-15
0004975: [module api] extban_conv_param_nuh not marked as extern (syzop)
0004961: [ircd] m_tkl ban_too_broad() logic errors (syzop)
0004982: [ircd] Strict Transport Security CAP (syzop)
0004380: [ircd] add SNI support for multiple ssl certificates (syzop)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2017-06-02
0004958: [ircd] CAP NAK not sent for unrecognised CAPs in all cases (syzop)
0004950: [ircd] Non-existing operclass but allows oper-up anyways (syzop)
0004953: [ircd] Usermode secureonlymsg failure to fucntion properly with users at 2 server hops away (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-05-12
0004924: [ircd] Remote MOTD requests causing netsplits (syzop)
0004907: [ircd] Jumpserver command doesn't redirect SSL users to the port set as SSL (syzop)
0004901: [ircd] Users IP shows up when /mode nick -t with force-rejoin option set (syzop)
0004898: [ircd] [nocodes] Make +S strip italic (syzop)
0004890: [ircd] user info isn't properly propagated across the network (syzop)
0004883: [ircd] ChanMode +f: IRCd not properly removing flood parameters after new mode set. (syzop)
0004906: [ircd] Server sets +b even if the ban list is full when using +f (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-10
0004841: [ircd] Channel mode +Z not set at channel creation (syzop)
0004846: [ircd] something with (user)MODE (syzop)
0004839: [ircd] /HELPOP chmodes not up-to-date (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-13
0004679: [ircd] allow SSL certificates per-port (syzop)
0004836: [ircd] 4.* Compatibility Handling of GLOBOPS (syzop)
0004833: [ircd] Mode +D: another duplicate JOIN (syzop)
0004826: [ircd] ./unrealircd stop always says No such file (syzop)
0004783: [ircd] IRCd stops (crashes?) on /PART (syzop)
0004678: [module api] Support for websockets (syzop)
0004773: [ircd] exempt IPs in the blacklist block (syzop)
0000585: [ircd] [config] include files aren't directly included (syzop)
0004816: [ircd] +D bugs (syzop)
0004686: [ircd] WHO does not support NAMESX (syzop)
0003979: [installing] Minor Makefile cleanup/better parallel make support (ohnobinki)
0004782: [ircd] Linked uline server receive SID for JOIN without asking for SID protocol (syzop)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2016-12-03
0004781: [ircd] NICKLEN=30 doesn't work for linked servers (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-11-18
0004778: [installing] 4.0.8(.1) does not compile (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-11-14
0004777: [installing] UnrealIRCd 4.0.8 Fails to Build with Clang/LLVM on FreeBSD 10.3 (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-11-11
0004764: [ircd] Usermode +d is not working (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-10-30
0004772: [ircd] Server->(server/services) Modes specified in PREFIX=(here)xxxxx missing from here CHANMODES=(here),XXX,XXX,XXX (syzop)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-10-09
0004247: [installing] latest official c-ares does not compile with UnrealIRCd (syzop)
0004755: [installing] Configuration files overwritten after "make install" (syzop)
0004738: [module api] DH parameters not loaded (syzop)
0004749: [installing] ./Config empty SSL prompt if Config.settings is set (syzop)
0004523: [ircd] Add ability to disable certain TLS versions (syzop)
0004720: [ircd] Server running FreeBSD failing to link over SSL (syzop)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-26
0004702: [ircd] Pre-Registration VERSION Duplicate Replies (005 AND 105) (syzop)
0004691: [ircd] ircd.motd cannot be found/read when specified in the files block (syzop)
0004697: [installing] Prevent installing in the same directory as source (syzop)
0003691: [ircd] Error code 502 never given (syzop)
0004556: [module api] no error sent on /SAMODE nick (setting user modes) (syzop)
0004683: [ircd] ircd becomes unresponsive if operclass parent does not exist (possible infinite loop) (syzop)
0004680: [ircd] Klines and Glines are only honored if set as *@host not user@host (syzop)
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Released 2016-04-24
0004663: [ircd] Compile problem on OpenBSD (missing include in crashreport.c) (syzop)
0004666: [installing] Unable to run make (syzop)
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Released 2016-04-16
0004603: [ircd] Crash reports with gdb missing (improvement) (syzop)
0004614: [ircd] useless Windows backtrace @ GotSigAbort (syzop)
0004605: [ircd] Use LibreSSL for Windows builds? (syzop)
0004253: [ircd] Send RPL_SASLMECHS to clients (syzop)
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Released 2016-03-11
0004592: [ircd] stackable blocks (syzop)
0004566: [ircd] Include blacklist match server notice into snomask (syzop)
0004576: [module api] SERVER parser error causing uplinks to show bad server description (syzop)
0004584: [ircd] set::modes-on-join should not check for channel mode 'A' since it has been removed from source (syzop)
0004516: [module api] use #include "unrealircd.h" in more files (syzop)
0004586: [ircd] Partial quit message (syzop)
0003993: [ircd] Add ability to hide quit messages of glined users (syzop)
0004559: [ircd] Linking (syzop)
0004564: [documentation] Wiki information on vhosts contains misleading pieces (syzop)
0004562: [ircd] Error logging using system syslog is not possible (syzop)
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Released 2016-01-13
0004537: [ircd] Add ability to reload TLS configuration from command line (syzop)
0003994: [ircd] no more stale pidfile, patch to delete pidfile on shutdown (syzop)
0004482: [documentation] /squit server.* does not work (syzop)
0004533: [ircd] Incomplete MD command for certfp (syzop)
0004520: [ircd] ./unrealircd [stop|rehash] not working - something with pid file I guess (syzop)
0004507: [module api] blacklist module enhancements (syzop)
0004517: [ircd] /LIST <10000 (used by MIRC) does not show 0 user channels (+P) (syzop)
0004518: [ircd] pb of hostname resolution (CNAME) (syzop)
0004508: [ircd] cron script does not work / is not installed (syzop)
0004505: [ircd] CHGHOST (syzop)
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Released 2015-12-24
0002549: [documentation] Helpop SQUIT displays incorrect Information (syzop)
0002736: [documentation] +C Channel Mode: better document it does not apply to chanops etc. (syzop)
0003500: [ircd] unset modes on +a and +q users (syzop)
0004217: [module api] Unreal 3.4: Modulize user/channel modes (syzop)
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Released 2015-12-09
0004470: [documentation] connect-flood and WebIRC users (syzop)
0004480: SAJOIN ignores level-on-join (syzop)
0004469: [ircd] Flood: Cannot accept connections: Operation not supported (syzop)
0004481: [ircd] operoverride does not work (join) (syzop)
0004485: [ircd] A crash occers when the system uses the "select I/O" model on the windows platform. (syzop)
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Released 2015-11-25
0004459: [ircd] channel mode +P not synched correctly (syzop)
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Released 2015-11-08
0004446: [ircd] remote includes: rehash never finishes if DNS server is down (syzop)
0004123: [installing] ./configure incorrect help text (syzop)
0003341: [ircd] Quarantine & kill (syzop)
0004442: [module api] -P doesn't destroy an empty channel (syzop)
0004440: [ircd] motd and rules Bug (syzop)
0004441: [ircd] (possible?) /map bug (syzop)
0004437: [ircd] allowed-nickchars {}; error (syzop)
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Released 2015-10-26
0004491: [ircd] When using /CHGHOST on u4, any 3.2.x servers refuse it (syzop)
0004169: [ircd] Undefined variable used in makefile.win32 (syzop)
0004419: [ircd] epoll error & REHASH never succeeds - remote includes bug? (syzop)
0004431: [ircd] Crash due to invite-notify capability (syzop)
0002533: [ircd] Notice not sent when /*line, /shun is used without parameters to display/list bans (syzop)
0004422: [ircd] /notice $* doesn't work anymore (syzop)
0004426: [module api] +P gets removed (syzop)
0004425: [documentation] Channel Mode +A unavailable (syzop)
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Released 2015-10-11
0004360: [installing] incorrect VC++ redist not installed message (syzop)
0004416: [ircd] blacklist hit causes TKL update (syzop)
0002459: [documentation] help.conf: Very small typo (syzop)
0004418: [ircd] server is checking remote modes against restrict-usermodes (syzop)
0004002: [ircd] Add a compile flag for Remote Includes (syzop)
0004409: [ircd] remote includes cache not working (syzop)
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Released 2015-09-06
0004408: [ircd] V:Line isn't sent by UnrealIRCd, despite VL capability available from both sides (syzop)
0004398: [installing] compiling ircd (syzop)
0003987: [ircd] url.c compiler warning reported by gwz (syzop)
0004406: [ircd] I/O engine DoS (syzop)
0004403: [ircd] command line mkpasswd segfault (syzop)
0004402: [ircd] set::ssl::certificate using absolute path instead of relative path (syzop)
0004401: [ircd] Remote includes not working (syzop)
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Released 2015-08-16
0003046: [module api] [u33] Add #include "all.h"
0004345: [installing] misc OpenBSD fixes (tmcarthur)
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Released 2015-08-16
0004396: [installing] crashes on MAKE (syzop)
0001613: [ircd] Send rehash notices to the server requesting the rehash (syzop)
0002379: [ircd] openssl issue: openssl version mismatch (syzop)
0004392: [ircd] crash on dnsbl block (syzop)
0003991: [installing] makex refers to depriciated commands (syzop)
0002870: [ircd] [Feature Request] CIDR for channel bans/exempts/invites (syzop)
0000008: [ircd] IPv6 in UnrealIRCd/32 - for windows XP (syzop)
0003170: [ircd] Auto-bugreporting (syzop)
0002174: [ircd] anti-spam-quit-message-time not working (syzop)
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Released 2015-07-23
0003560: [ircd] Channel ops desyncing on collided nicks after a server sync (syzop)
0004171: [ircd] There is a lot of defines in struct.h are not in use. (syzop)
0003306: [module api] Attaching objects to clients/channels for modules (syzop)
0003937: [installing] Automatic compiling and installing of 3rd party (custom) modules (syzop)
0003305: [ircd] set::oper-only-snomasks (syzop)
0004157: [ircd] config definable oper levels (tmcarthur)
0004333: [ircd] Segfault crashing IRCd after random amount of runtime (syzop)
0004376: [ircd] oper::mask style II (syzop)
0001977: [ircd] Desyncs after nickcollisions (syzop)
0003261: [ircd] [Feature request] Support for DNS hostname check in the link::hostname for INCOMING connections (syzop)
0004207: [ircd] RFC: bother with hybrid-style localClient split or not (syzop)
0004374: [ircd] Change client connecting notice to include IP address (syzop)
0004366: [ircd] listener gone, logging stopped (syzop)
0004375: [ircd] linking with ssl fp broken (syzop)
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Released 2015-07-14
0002497: [ircd] /spamfilter oper flag requirement (syzop)
0004218: [installing] Config parameter -quick does not bypass SSL certificate generation (syzop)
0004095: [ircd] /who and /names with IRCops. (syzop)
0004068: [documentation] Publican for the Documentation & Other things. (syzop)
0004364: [ircd] modularize more user modes (syzop)
0004033: [ircd] allow block: allow specifying only ip or hostname (syzop)
0004013: [ircd] Add multiple allow::hostname (syzop)
0002779: [documentation] +o or +O ? (syzop)
0002542: [documentation] m_rehash() and oper-flags/U:lines (syzop)
0002199: [ircd] tkl update doesn't actually update (syzop)
0002684: [ircd] Stuff that perhaps should be moved to snomasks. (syzop)
0004237: [documentation] new look conf (syzop)
0004212: [ircd] TS6-ish server protocol metabug (syzop)
       0004213: [ircd] parv[0] usage needs to be fixed (syzop)
0004322: [module api] modularize CAP (syzop)
0004132: [ircd] Crach on WHO with a IRC Service. (syzop)
0004355: [ircd] re-implement PROTOCTL SERVERS= (syzop)
0003590: [ircd] SVSMODE operator count bug (syzop)
0004367: [ircd] remove some old ircop chat commands (syzop)
0002613: [ircd] Usermode +t suggestion (syzop)
0004114: [ircd] Matching users' IP addresses against DNSBLs (syzop)
0004358: [ircd] certfp extban (syzop)
0003128: [ircd] Hub VS Leaf (syzop)
0003148: [ircd] Is local operator privileges should be reduced? (syzop)
0003593: [ircd] Patch to enable Oper with +a to remote rehash (syzop)
0002103: [ircd] Remote MOTD issues... (syzop)
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Released 2015-06-27
0002216: [documentation] More documentation for channel mode +u (syzop)
0003130: [ircd] TechAdmin & channel mode (syzop)
0003241: [ircd] Custom Classes (syzop)
0001714: [ircd] VHost in Oper Block (syzop)
0004371: [ircd] crash when /opering up sometimes (syzop)
0004365: [ircd] halfops privileges (syzop)
0004368: [ircd] ping not working? (syzop)
0004361: [installing] better directory structure & 'make install' by default (also good for system packages) (syzop)
0004339: [ircd] modules.conf needs reworked (syzop)
0004224: [ircd] CHGHOST does not give any feedback to the user or oper when executed (tmcarthur)
0003324: [ircd] LevelLimit style ircop restrictions (syzop)
0003378: [ircd] Comment Scripts (syzop)
0003620: [documentation] /rehash documentation updates (syzop)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2015-06-10
0003156: [ircd] ./unreal restart and ./unreal rehash (syzop)
0003127: [ircd] [Feature request] Configurable max TS delta (syzop)
0003389: [ircd] Ability to retrieve SSL fingerprint of connected user (syzop)
0004343: [ircd] /mkpasswd is case sensitive (syzop)
0004347: [ircd] Apply fix for 0004318 to 3.4 (syzop)
0004359: [ircd] split built-in extbans to modules (syzop)
0004356: [ircd] Move to another regex engine (syzop)
0003181: [ircd] "/whois NICK" and "/msg IRC whois NICK" doesn't send identical notices (syzop)
0002409: [ircd] Stuff in core that could be moved to modules (pwease?) (syzop)
0004174: [ircd] Remove WebTV Part 3 (syzop)
0004353: [ircd] SIGSEGV in s_conf.c (syzop)
0004032: [ircd] Restructuring link block (syzop)
0004214: [ircd] bounce links that are too far out of sync (syzop)
0001393: [ircd] Duplicate users problem, ircd not sending quit correctly on logoff? (syzop)
0004046: [ircd] SSL Renegotiation Flood
0004250: [module api] HOOKTYPE_RAWPACKET_IN parameters inconsistent with HOOKTYPE_PACKET (syzop)
0004089: [ircd] non-interactive ./unreal mkpasswd can be logged to ~/.bash_history (syzop)
0004335: [ircd] Implement bcrypt password hashing method (syzop)
0004334: [ircd] make auth-type optional for password (syzop)
0001978: [ircd] Saving module data during a /rehash (syzop)
0003397: [ircd] failed /unreal stop, rehash on shell (syzop)
0003530: [documentation] add warn and aliases in docs. (syzop)
0002602: [ircd] Some feature suggests for Unreal 3.3* (syzop)
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Released 2015-05-19
0003830: [module api] Whois hook.. (syzop)
0004337: [documentation] doc/example.conf (perhaps others) missing semi-colon (syzop)
0004136: [ircd] Extension to SSL Fingerprints (syzop)
0004020: [ircd] SSL Client Certificate Fingerprint Command (syzop)
0004341: [ircd] remove newnet (obsolete) (syzop)
0004342: [ircd] ircdreg was removed in 0000614, still found residue (syzop)
0004348: [ircd] G:lines cannot be set by anyone. (maybe except remote opers.) (tmcarthur)
0004328: [ircd] Segmentation fault (core dumped) (syzop)
0004311: [ircd] [3.4] Move TKL checking to loop again (tmcarthur)
0004327: [module api] Crash when unloading mode +f (tmcarthur)
0004324: [ircd] segfault on launch of ircd (tmcarthur)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2014-07-26
0003247: [module api] Feature Request (syzop)
0004239: [installing] Undefined symbols in modules with clang (tmcarthur)
0004318: [ircd] Identified users can not being recognized as identified (syzop)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2014-07-26
0003173: [module api] Make extban modules non-PERM (syzop)
0002994: [ircd] Missing users after nick collision (syzop)
0002792: [ircd] Desync: making an unkick/deopable kicker
0003968: [ircd] [patch] replace hashtables with splay trees (syzop)
0004110: [ircd] Extended user information (syzop)
0002906: [module api] Feature request : Asuka channel mode +D/+d (tmcarthur)
0004246: [ircd] bind-ip (tmcarthur)
0004241: [ircd] tsctl access levels (syzop)
0004232: [ircd] Change "Rejoining because of user@host change" text on part message to "Changing Host" (syzop)
0004283: [ircd] CAP Negotiation can be used to bypass PING cookie (nenolod)
0004222: [ircd] CAP Negotiation can be used to bypass PING cookie (nenolod)
0004205: [ircd] clean compile without -fno-strict-aliasing (nenolod)
0004209: [ircd] race-condition (?!) with exit_one_client() (nenolod)
0004196: [ircd] TS6-style SID/UIDs (nenolod)
0004211: [ircd] Simplify ircvsnprintf() (nenolod)
0004117: [ircd] Channel mode - Prevent channel destruction when channel is emptied. (nenolod)
0004193: [ircd] Ident lookup socket() does not disable IPV6_V6ONLY (nenolod)
0004189: [ircd] remove ziplinks support (nobody should be using it by now anyway) (nenolod)
0004208: [ircd] Create bounds-checking ircsprintf and use it everywhere (nenolod)
0003946: [ircd] CS INVITE noisy due to ircd invite notice (nenolod)
0004131: [module api] modulize client CAP system (nenolod)
0003662: [ircd] Remove AKILL command (nenolod)
0003134: [ircd] Automatic suffix on loadmodule (nenolod)
0004204: [installing] Default value for LISTEN_SIZE is empty, breaks build (nenolod)
0003726: [ircd] Custom cloak module (nenolod)
0004187: [ircd] implement memory pooling to reduce malloc overhead (nenolod)
0004202: [ircd] Remove redundant sendto_server_butone() and some other detritus (nenolod)
0003641: [ircd] possible crash in sendto_channel_butone (nenolod)
0004201: [ircd] replace sendto_serv_butone_*() calls with sendto_server() (nenolod)
0004082: [ircd] remove TOKEN support (nenolod)
0004200: [ircd] Fix possible format string injection in ping code in ircd.c (nenolod)
0004199: [ircd] Remove %b and %B from ircsprintf and remove base64enc/dec functions (nenolod)
0004198: [ircd] Remove base64 timestamp support (nenolod)
0004190: [ircd] remove SJB64 support (nenolod)
0004195: [ircd] Incorrect format string in sendto_serv_butone_token_opt (nenolod)
0002303: [ircd] restrict /TSCTL OFFSET to (new) can_tsctl ? (nenolod)
0004175: [documentation] "neve" instead of "never" (nenolod)
0004192: [ircd] /whois only shows the highest prefix (nenolod)
0003724: [ircd] MOTD line width limited to 80 bytes (nenolod)
0003012: [ircd] Ability to sqline channels. (nenolod)
0003107: [ircd] Feature Request: /who +p, for port (nenolod)
0001740: [ircd] ERROR message in /restart (nenolod)
0002677: [ircd] Unused config directives? (nenolod)
0002040: [ircd] +L without +l? (nenolod)
0003075: [ircd] Log block fails silently for non-creatable log files. (nenolod)
0003042: [ircd] Feature to add nick-length config parameter (nenolod)
0001631: [installing] call me crazy, but.... (src/modules/ (nenolod)
0004092: [documentation] Oper block example unnecessarily includes global flag (nenolod)
0002943: [ircd] ircd logging: use fflush instead of fopen+fclose all the time (nenolod)
0003989: [installing] Add make distclean (nenolod)
0003728: [ircd] extban ~n:*!*@* allowed for halfop (nenolod)
0003038: [ircd] Bandwidth and resource wastage when changing hostnames (nenolod)
0003971: [ircd] Users can see own usermodes in whois (nenolod)
0004150: [installing] make install creates blank unrealircd.conf (nenolod)
0004010: [ircd] Listen block "hidden" option. (nenolod)
0003949: [ircd] ./ircd --help should output usage information. (ohnobinki)
0001403: [ircd] Banwalking for Globalops & Serveradmins (nenolod)
0004096: [ircd] [feature] synflood hardening via TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT (nenolod)
0003668: [module api] missing 'allow-userhost-change' in /stats S (nenolod)
0002301: [ircd] "NickName is an IRC Operator" field on whois (nenolod)
0004184: [ircd] STARTTLS – sends an empty parameter instead of * during registration (nenolod)
0004173: [ircd] Clean up old TechAdmin (+T) stuff (nenolod)
0004163: [ircd] New way of loading modules (nenolod)
0004154: [ircd] CAP subcommands – case-sensitive (nenolod)
0003210: [ircd] Rip off no NEWCHFLOODPROT (nenolod)
0003948: [ircd] Drop webtv support (nenolod)
0003177: [ircd] Change add_Command's to CommandAdd's (nenolod)
0004151: [ircd] Add ISO 8859-6 character set (nenolod)
0004147: [ircd] Backport DH Parameters setting from devel branch (nenolod)
0003027: [ircd] -l <param> is sent on SJ3 merging modes
0002699: [ircd] Apparantly totally unused #ifdef'd stuff in lusers.c
0002095: [ircd] remove helpop noticing stuff (was: /helpop filtering suggestion) (nenolod)
0002990: [ircd] Q:Line Holds and "Erroneous Nickname" (nenolod)
0003410: [ircd] Globalops can speak when quiet banned. (nenolod)
0003307: [ircd] SVSKILL sending extra QUIT (from wrong direction too) (nenolod)
0002486: [ircd] local ircop cannot issue CLOSE command (nenolod)
0002451: [ircd] umode +q misstyped? (nenolod)
0002937: [installing] update config.h: remove disabling of THROTTLING, FAST_BADWORD_REPLACE, possibly more... (nenolod)
0003000: [ircd] Send TKL updates to G snomask (nenolod)
0003281: [ircd] Removal of masked channels (nenolod)
0004126: [ircd] [patch] new i/o recordkeeping code / evented i/o (nenolod)
0002066: [documentation] ircsprintf error (syzop)
0004160: [ircd] Channel mode +u/+mu (tmcarthur)
83 issues View Issues
Released 2014-05-31
0004270: [ircd] SASL crash (caused by remote server) (syzop)
0004272: [ircd] Inlines break OS X build (syzop)
0004259: [ircd] Updates CARESVERSION in curlinstall to 1.10.0. (syzop)
0004266: [ircd] svid length (syzop)
0004267: [ircd] Listen block: Cannot accept connections: Invalid argument (syzop)
0004254: [ircd] Updates CARESVERSION in curlinstall to 1.10.0. (syzop)
0004248: [ircd] svid length (syzop)
0004242: [ircd] Listen block: Cannot accept connections: Invalid argument (syzop)
0004219: [ircd] SASL crash (caused by remote server) (syzop)
0004251: [ircd] Inlines break OS X build (syzop)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2013-11-23
0003874: [ircd] ipv6 nameserver support (syzop)
0004277: [ircd] Compile-Time Syntax Error in UnrealIRCd (syzop)
0004278: [installing] s_bsd.c / setpgrp -- not fixed (syzop)
0004279: [installing] c-ares configure fails (syzop)
0004280: [ircd] Intermittent crashes of the ircd when a user joins (syzop)
0004293: [ircd] Odd link binding behavior (syzop)
0004245: [ircd] Compile-Time Syntax Error in UnrealIRCd (syzop)
0004236: [installing] s_bsd.c / setpgrp -- not fixed (syzop)
0004244: [installing] c-ares configure fails (syzop)
0004243: [ircd] Intermittent crashes of the ircd when a user joins (syzop)
0002799: [ircd] Odd link binding behavior (syzop)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2013-04-05
0004182: [ircd] custom modules have difficulty linking additional shared libraries (syzop)
0004183: [ircd] Sync failure when a Linux and Windows server connect. (syzop)
0004155: [installing] make fails on OpenBSD 5.2 (nenolod)
0004166: [ircd] Anope Services link protocol issue (syzop)
0004143: [ircd] /rehash -global Does not rehash all servers across the network (syzop)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2012-12-25
0003659: [ircd] Remove listen::options::java (syzop)
0004301: [ircd] Unreal3.2.10 TODO (syzop)
       0004049: [installing] Using a version named folder at the tarball (syzop)
0003915: [ircd] Unreal3.2.10 TODO (syzop)
       0004049: [installing] Using a version named folder at the tarball (syzop)
0004137: [installing] curlinstall fails if libssh2 devel is available on the system. (syzop)
0004153: [ircd] away-notify – sends duplicate user@host (syzop)
0004152: [ircd] ircd.log is created with unusable permissions (user) if unrealircd does a seteuid (syzop)
0002184: [ircd] Support for services account name in /WHOIS (syzop)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2012-10-17
0004065: [ircd] UnrealIRCd crashes when logging to syslog-ng (ohnobinki)
0004102: [ircd] MOTD date (syzop)
0004019: [ircd] SSL Client Certificate Fingerprint Authentication (syzop)
0004104: [module api] modulize client CAP system & add disable options (syzop)
0004129: [ircd] Windows builds shouldn't use USE_POLL (syzop)
0003919: [ircd] recursive inclusion of unrealircd.conf causes hang and excessive cpu usage (ohnobinki)
0004091: [ircd] Make curl use poll with USE_POLL (syzop)
0004125: [ircd] Specify a constrain with the user class for deny,allow channel {} (syzop)
0003900: [ircd] UHNAMES following HTM (syzop)
0003988: [installing] make install does not copy *.pem files to run directory (syzop)
0003960: [ircd] Ping timeout count on client exit (syzop)
0004072: [documentation] /silence is not documentated. (syzop)
0004090: [documentation] Clarify that hiddenhost-prefix must be the same on linked servers for bans to function properly. (see 0004063) (syzop)
0004008: [ircd] Add oper::require-modes (to enforce being registered with nickserv or having an SSL connection) (ohnobinki)
0003399: [ircd] numeric 307 description (syzop)
0003055: [ircd] Server-side MLOCK support (syzop)
0004108: [ircd] crash on rehash or quit (after a while) (syzop)
0004107: [ircd] I/O Engine or buffer hang (syzop)
0004103: [ircd] WebIRC clients hosts are being resolved (Even though the dont-resolve; is set) (syzop)
0004098: [ircd] [patch] add support for account-notify capability (syzop)
0004097: [ircd] [patch] add support for away-notify client capability (syzop)
0004036: [documentation] set::options::no-stealth has no desciption. (syzop)
0004100: [installing] latest hg does not compile under windows (syzop)
0004079: [ircd] [feature] add SASL support using PUIDs (syzop)
0004094: [documentation] Typo in section 3.1 - Cloaking. (ohnobinki)
0004014: [installing] ./configure script's PACKAGE_VERSION does not match the actual unrealircd version (ohnobinki)
0004086: [ircd] /stats M (syzop)
0001245: [ircd] I/O engine / poll() support (syzop)
0004078: [ircd] [feature] make NOSPOOF runtime configurable (syzop)
0004073: [documentation] Translated example.conf to Spanish (syzop)
0004056: [documentation] Remove networks dir (syzop)
0003953: [ircd] Mode +I for hiding oper Idle times. (syzop)
0004018: [ircd] [Feature] Add CAPAB Support (syzop)
0004081: [ircd] [patch] enable 'tls' capability in CAP (syzop)
0004077: [ircd] [patch] fix racing in capability negotiation (syzop)
0004066: [ircd] [patch] Add IRCv3 client capability negotiation (syzop)
0003966: [ircd] [patch] ESVID - a more useful form of SVID for dreamforge-based IRCds (syzop)
0003298: [ircd] KICK inconsistancy (syzop)
0004035: [ircd] s_conf.c failed checking for unknown set::ssl options (syzop)
0002318: [documentation] Small error in Oper block documentation. (syzop)
0003967: [ircd] [patch] Use modern numeric replies for LUSERS (syzop)
0004064: [ircd] Expose STARTTLS support in ISUPPORT (ohnobinki)
0003289: [ircd] quits with ping timeout must also show seconds
0004093: [ircd] configure says version is (ohnobinki)
44 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-05
0003050: [ircd] alternative hub flag for autoconnects (syzop)
0001836: [ircd] link::backup-link (syzop)
0003999: [ircd] remote sslclientcert (syzop)
0003776: [ircd] Unreal3.2.9 TODO (syzop)
       0003933: [ircd] Update coders, donators, etc (syzop)
0004074: [ircd] Curl (syzop)
0003504: [ircd] Remote Include Backup/Caching (syzop)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2011-07-19
0004028: [ircd] Rehash from commandline doesn't rehash MOTD (syzop)
0004030: [ircd] Missing die/restart notices. (syzop)
0004026: [installing] Unterminated quote found (ohnobinki)
0003990: [ircd] Add aliases/atheme.conf (syzop)
0004017: [installing] ./unreal gencloak can produce invalid cloak keys (ohnobinki)
0003934: [documentation] Update translations (syzop)
0003977: [installing] 3.2.9-rc1: Compile error (intptr_t undeclared) on OpenBSD-4.8 (ohnobinki)
0004011: [ircd] Unreal displays short MOTD on connect, even though no short motd exists (ohnobinki)
0004007: [documentation] Documentation does not say that +t allows a halfop to change the topic (ohnobinki)
0003992: [ircd] Remote MOTD crashes Unreal if URL fails to load (ohnobinki)
0003980: [documentation] /CREDITS command refers to broken URL (syzop)
0003975: [documentation] update doc/compiling_win32.txt (syzop)
0003965: [installing] Windows: Creating SSL cert even if present (syzop)
0003986: [ircd] remote MOTD fails when URL's path component specifies directories (ohnobinki)
0003982: [installing] Build fails on trying to link tre (ohnobinki)
0003981: [installing] ./Config does not detec AsyncDNS on FreeBSD (ohnobinki)
0003978: [documentation] Typo in for 3.2.9-RC1 (ohnobinki)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2010-12-15
0004274: [ircd] improper use of mode_t for DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS in chmod and open operations (ohnobinki)
0003189: [ircd] improper use of mode_t for DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS in chmod and open operations (ohnobinki)
0003970: [installing] latest cvs doesent compile (syzop)
0003797: [ircd] Module not found: (syzop)
0003720: [ircd] ULines and Server can set channel mode +z when insecure users are present causing an "invalid state" of security (syzop)
0003943: [ircd] loadmodule permission denied errors on windows (syzop)
0003963: [ircd] Option to allow broad bans (patch included) (syzop)
0002535: [documentation] Ban/TKL Exception Blocks Clarification (syzop)
0001522: [ircd] /rehash -global command (syzop)
0003848: [installing] installer should disallow choosing encrypted certificate if "install as service" is selected (syzop)
0003961: [installing] doesent compile under vs 2008 anymore? (ohnobinki)
0003358: [ircd] missings operoverride notices (syzop)
0003950: [ircd] oper-up message uses vhost instead of realhost (ohnobinki)
0003893: [ircd] Firefox XPS IRC Attack (ohnobinki)
0003957: [ircd] Remote server disconnects do not get broadcasted via notice (syzop)
0003959: [documentation] badword message {} does not apply to channel messages, docs are unclear 'bout this (ohnobinki)
0003958: [installing] ./Config does not forward --enable-inet6 parameter to configure process (syzop)
0003955: [installing] Modifications to source necessary to compile on QNX 6.5.0 (ohnobinki)
0003956: [ircd] Timing issue on QNX 6.5.0 in ircd.c (syzop)
0003947: [ircd] /msg IRC whois <nick>: <nick> is a Secure Connection (ohnobinki)
0003794: [installing] missing aclocal files (ohnobinki)
0003329: [ircd] Not unsetting all modes on /umode2 -o (ohnobinki)
0003053: [ircd] Warning when running as root (ohnobinki)
0003944: [ircd] FreeBSD, IPv6 build, IPv4 listen blocks and *:port listen blocks (syzop)
0002620: [installing] copying ircdcron/ircdchk to the destination dir with `make install` (ohnobinki)
0003916: [ircd] upgrade TRE (ohnobinki)
0002321: [ircd] ipv6 clones checking (ohnobinki)
0003193: [ircd] Enable some combinations of extbans (aquanight)
0003928: [ircd] Fix chained/stacked bans (syzop)
0002817: [ircd] Request: Extended Invex (syzop)
0003932: [installing] Update c-ares to latest version (ohnobinki)
0003939: [ircd] patch to fix for various compiler warnings (ohnobinki)
0003192: [ircd] Add a new simple extban (ohnobinki)
0003133: [documentation] Add SSL client cert documentation (oper, link blocks, etc) (ohnobinki)
0003940: [installing] ./configure claims curl doesn't have cares enabled, could use pkg-config (ohnobinki)
0003938: [installing] Trigger rebuild on ./Config changing remote includes or zip links (ohnobinki)
0003931: [installing] ircd no longer compiles with curl (ohnobinki)
0003935: [installing] user-friendly `make custommodule' errors (ohnobinki)
0001507: [ircd] Remote including of MOTD files (syzop)
0003168: [ircd] (re)move timesynch errors (syzop)
0003918: [installing] unable to compile under windows (ohnobinki)
0003913: [ircd] Address out of bounds (syzop)
0003896: [ircd] any unknown options in ssl::options make ircd to crash (ohnobinki)
0003907: [ircd] IPv6/4 addrs (::ffff:w.x.y.z) break NICK connection parsing (ohnobinki)
0003909: [ircd] ban except (+e) broken in CVS (syzop)
0003905: [ircd] unreal_copy() function doesn't support DEFAULT_PERMISSIONS=0 (ohnobinki)
0003902: [documentation] unreal32docs.html#aliasblock is confusing (ohnobinki)
0003891: [installing] compile as hub or compile as leaf is pointless (ohnobinki)
0003904: [documentation] Unreal.nfo refers to #unrealircd instead of #chat (ohnobinki)
0003901: [ircd] CVS/3.2.9 cannot link/connect to a <= hub (syzop)
0003894: [ircd] REHASH -MOTD not rehashing all MOTDs (syzop)
0003884: [documentation] ./Config could be more verbose with explaining the questions (syzop)
0003002: [ircd] Motd line ending on \ removes the following newline (syzop)
0003881: [documentation] /quote helpop ?rehash should talk about -dns (syzop)
0003889: [installing] old pkg-config m4 macros (syzop)
0003887: [installing] bundled c-ares fails on solaris, PATH_SEPARATOR undefined (syzop)
0003890: [installing] incomplete --with-system-cares support (syzop)
0003888: [installing] cURL not handled well by buildsystem (syzop)
0003885: [ircd] Unreal3.2.8 with UHNAMES: nickname-list LAG & SendQ High (syzop)
0003882: [ircd] /restart do not start ircd if syslogd is not running on linux box. (syzop)
0003656: [ircd] Include curl for automatic detection and configuration with Unreal (syzop)
0003849: [ircd] Log function for kline does not work. (syzop)
0003852: [ircd] FEATURE: set::level-on-join (syzop)
0003870: [ircd] ircd --help lies to me (syzop)
0003867: [ircd] LocOps don't have oper hosts set properly with get_host flag (syzop)
0003863: [ircd] run-time configuration of files (tune, pid, motd) (syzop)
0003866: [module api] New Packet hook (syzop)
0003858: [ircd] link::bind-ip in style breaks links on IPv6-enabled build (syzop)
0003864: [ircd] munmap_chunk(): Invalid Pointer: crash (syzop)
0003853: [ircd] Negative timestamp offset at startup breaks autoconnect (syzop)
0003846: [ircd] Don't correct /version output (syzop)
0003557: [ircd] Crash when reloading modules (syzop)
0003847: [installing] unrealircd should be able to use system c-ares (syzop)
0003842: [installing] unrealircd should compile with system tre (syzop)
74 issues View Issues
Released 2007-07-18
0003392: [documentation] some added to help.conf (syzop)
0004285: [installing] Compile error on Mac OS X (syzop)
0003638: [installing] Compile error on Mac OS X (syzop)
0002278: [ircd] Double /connect's (nate)
0003454: [ircd] Unreal3.2.8 TODO (syzop)
       0003764: [documentation] Need to add in documentation (syzop)
       0003680: [installing] Unrealircd does not compile under Visual studio 2008 (syzop)
       0003545: [module api] Remote includes // upgrade c-ares (syzop)
       0003354: [ircd] Dont allow part message when banned (syzop)
       0003572: [ircd] Zline with IPv6 (syzop)
       0003554: [ircd] Setting ban on channel with +b ?!*@* (syzop)
       0003117: [ircd] Improve +S , +c (syzop)
       0003453: [ircd] Overflowed unzipbuf increase UNZIP_BUFFER_SIZE (syzop)
       0003175: [module api] Make channelmodes non-PERM (syzop)
       0003174: [module api] Make usermodes non-PERM (syzop)
       0002446: [documentation] Chroot and uid, gid macros undocumented (syzop)
       0003311: [ircd] CGI:IRC & IPv6 Issue (syzop)
       0003494: [ircd] IPv4 masks don't work in oper blocks (syzop)
       0003527: [ircd] Fix chroot again (syzop)
       0003163: [ircd] Allow style IPs in IPv6 mode (not only ::ffff: // cgiirc block does not work w/ipv6 (syzop)
       0003430: [ircd] invalid banlist entries created by netsplits (syzop)
0003357: [ircd] Exiting ssl client [@]: SSL_write(): OpenSSL functions requested a read() (syzop)
0002932: [ircd] Local opers can /chghost /chgident /chgname on someone thats on another server on the network (syzop)
0002475: [ircd] [Win32] Absolute module path (C:\etc) in loadmodule gives "the specified module cannot be found." (syzop)
0002172: [ircd] Admin block behavior (syzop)
0003313: [ircd] me::name length (syzop)
0002971: [ircd] Paranoid SSL settings (syzop)
0003755: [ircd] IPv4 address display incorrectly in the z-lined message when IPv6 support is enabled (ohnobinki)
0001855: [ircd] module bug: umode lost on /rehash (syzop)
0003809: [ircd] msvcr9 assembly error (syzop)
0003845: [ircd] Unreal does not run without the MSVS Redistributable Package (syzop)
0003833: [ircd] Listen SSL errors are logged as warnings (syzop)
0003812: [ircd] errors (syzop)
0003803: [installing] 3.2.8 unable to make (syzop)
0003230: [ircd] TSCTL Offset Freeze (syzop)
0003800: [documentation] incorrect description of wildcard matching (syzop)
0003689: [ircd] Address out of bounds (syzop)
0003785: [ircd] Unreal has a segmentation fault when i am include a file from a web server. (syzop)
0003758: [ircd] Bug with oper override (syzop)
0003767: [installing] not compiling on macos x (syzop)
0003761: [ircd] Typo in the +q usermode notice (syzop)
0003752: [ircd] /Spamfilter not showing XX requested stats 'f' (syzop)
0003739: [ircd] move HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_PASS (syzop)
0003725: [ircd] unable to start server (syzop)
0003377: [ircd] Z:Line exceptions are not entirely effective (syzop)
0003684: [ircd] Error Starting IRCd under Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.2) (syzop)
0003743: [installing] include/ares/config-win32.h (syzop)
0003320: [installing] Problems compiling 3.2.6 / probably a gcc issue (syzop)
0003371: [ircd] banning *!?@* blocks any ip bans from being set (syzop)
0003671: [installing] Use c-ares 1.5.1 (syzop)
0003548: [documentation] ChatOps: Documentation wrong or missing feature? (syzop)
0003311: [ircd] CGI:IRC & IPv6 Issue (syzop)
0003163: [ircd] Allow style IPs in IPv6 mode (not only ::ffff: // cgiirc block does not work w/ipv6 (syzop)
0003524: [ircd] [Unreal 3] email duplicate (syzop)
0003323: [ircd] Tracking of forbidden nicks/channels is inconsistant (syzop)
0003412: [ircd] Bad Channel Mask '#::' can be allowed if user gives '*'. (syzop)
0002982: [ircd] Version of operation system defines in compile-time, not run-time.
0003738: [ircd] IRCd segfaults when linking to the network
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Released 2007-07-10
0001317: [ircd] Inclusion of topic_setter in topic message when set by services really necessary? (syzop)
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Released 2007-06-29
0003450: [module api] Filters ( and ) aren't removed with rehash (aquanight)
0003437: [ircd] localhost should be cloaked (aquanight)
0003439: [module api] tweak (aquanight)
0003513: [ircd] Extend chanrec::IsBanned (so we can have extbans) (aquanight)
0003521: [installing] configure does not pull epoll support properly. (aquanight)
0003518: [ircd] [Unreal 4] WHOWAS needs to accept number parameter (stskeeps)
0003515: [ircd] Added ban-server {} configuration (stskeeps)
0003486: [ircd] Implemented ENCAP proposal (stskeeps)
0003463: [ircd] Implement parser for U3 configuration format (stskeeps)
0003485: [ircd] Implement /RPING /RPONG (stskeeps)
0003496: [module api] SSL ports in 005 numeric (stskeeps)
0003511: [ircd] Crash On /CONNECT (stskeeps)
0003509: [module api] Implement "ban version" blocks from U3 (stskeeps)
0003510: [ircd] Added m_officialchannels module (stskeeps)
0003508: [ircd] Added m_allowdenychans module (stskeeps)
0003497: [ircd] Unreal4 forced to run as the user ircd (stskeeps)
0003416: [ircd] Unreal4: LOADMODULE with wildcard output result of each module (stskeeps)
0003480: [module api] Work on integrate /BOTMOTD into the m_botmode module (stskeeps)
0003490: [ircd] Hide +j and +f secondary variables from /LIST for regular users (stskeeps)
0003481: [ircd] m_cloaking.cpp only errors when all of the keys are missing (stskeeps)
0003458: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to /RULES command (stskeeps)
0003427: [module api] should be configurable through <files> (stskeeps)
0003425: [installing] configure script does not handle errors in ssl-creation properly (stskeeps)
0003476: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to /MOTD numerics (stskeeps)
0003462: [ircd] Implement two user interfaces for configure for U4 (stskeeps)
0003471: [ircd] [Unreal 4] Error in configure script (stskeeps)
0003468: [ircd] [Unreal 4] SSL WHOIS Numerics (stskeeps)
0003434: [ircd] Make install doesn't copy example files to conf directory (stskeeps)
0003419: [ircd] unreal script does not create pid-file properly (stskeeps)
0003457: [module api] [Unreal 4] Cosmetic change to SSL output in /WHOIS (stskeeps)
0003435: [documentation] unrealircd default/example configuration file (stskeeps)
31 issues View Issues
Released 2007-06-26
0003436: [ircd] spelling bugs in webtv.c (stskeeps)
0003404: [installing] can't compililng 3.2.7-rc1 (stskeeps)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2006-12-22
0003207: [ircd] An illogical check for oper privileges on /rehash with parametres. (syzop)
0003257: [ircd] Users can set +f mode multiple times (syzop)
0003272: [ircd] Remove restrictions on NOTICE/PRIVMSG $* for opers. (nenolod)
0003422: [documentation] Must be changed/added to documentation. (syzop)
0003429: [ircd] not giving warning or error if in oper block placed two or more auth-types. (stskeeps)
0003405: [ircd] 3.2.7-RC1 Link with SSL assume autoconnect (stskeeps)
0003264: [documentation] Typo in help.conf (/helpop ?extbans) for ~c [prefix]channel extban (WolfSage)
0003179: [ircd] SAPART is globaled by every server that sees it (syzop)
0003142: [ircd] SDESC not messaging +s +s clients on local server when it is used (syzop)
0003109: [ircd] [Feature request] Usermode +F - exception from Fake Lag (syzop)
0002888: [ircd] Virtual Ident (syzop)
0003203: [ircd] Oper Override Flag (syzop)
0003160: [documentation] Whois misses in protocoll doc (aquanight)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2006-08-19
0003223: [ircd] Undocumented max link pass length (syzop)
0003368: [ircd] Remote module for all (stskeeps)
0003308: [ircd] When someone creates a channel, +q them as well (nate)
0003387: [installing] make error - undefined reference to `tre_version' (WolfSage)
0003626: [installing] Current 3.3 ./Config revision fails (Stealth)
0003182: [installing] SHOW_SECRET (config.h) defined by default (nate)
0003199: [installing] Installation overwrites files (stskeeps)
0002507: [installing] Renaming old files to file.old before make installing (stskeeps)
0003244: [ircd] Mistake in /msg IRC WHOIS <nick> (stskeeps)
0003396: [installing] not copying server.*.pem on "make install" (stskeeps)
0001438: [ircd] uname() vs uname ? (aquanight)
0003395: [ircd] not exists command /spamfiler (stskeeps)
0003363: [ircd] Patch for run-time configuration of setuid/setgid user and group. (stskeeps)
0003292: [installing] Failure to link IRCd (-lintl) (stskeeps)
0003338: [ircd] Update win32 makefile (stskeeps)
0003345: [ircd] Fixed compile errors and runtime errors. (stskeeps)
0001920: [ircd] Problem with changing portrange in listen block + /rehash (stskeeps)
0002695: [ircd] s_misc.c, two unused functions (WolfSage)
0003382: [ircd] Broken comments in example.conf (WolfSage)
0003340: [installing] A few warnings (WolfSage)
0002531: [ircd] Stats 'H' not listed in /stats (stskeeps)
0002833: [ircd] UHNAMES (and NAMESX too) (stskeeps)
0001924: [ircd] cloak key generator, like './unreal gen-cloak' (aquanight)
0002822: [ircd] Support DSA (or DSA+RSA) certificates/keyfiles (stskeeps)
0002368: [ircd] TLS cipherlist in set block (stskeeps)
0003028: [ircd] Perhaps more intelligent handling of listener-accept (stskeeps)
0003139: [ircd] Improve error message for /connect (stskeeps)
0003060: [ircd] Remote rehashing -ssl / -garbage is not Global'd (stskeeps)
0002687: [installing] ./Config and Install Paths (stskeeps)
0003019: [ircd] DNS configuration options have no point at all (stskeeps)
0003283: [ircd] Masked channels in /list (stskeeps)
0002728: [ircd] Channels like cannot be handled by services or other servers(??) (stskeeps)
0003277: [ircd] Pseudoservers don't match channel masks (stskeeps)
0003278: [ircd] Channel names shouldn't allow two colons in them (stskeeps)
0003279: [ircd] /invite and masked channels (stskeeps)
0003301: [ircd] Sending "%s" instead of actual data (stskeeps)
0003288: [ircd] read error preffix in quit msg if socket error on read (stskeeps)
0003290: [installing] includes networks* files/dirs (stskeeps)
0003232: [ircd] /Map is not shown u:lined servers to local opers and /links does. (stskeeps)
0002685: [ircd] Useless if () in m_help.c (stskeeps)
0003287: [ircd] Unreal's 318 end of /whois list breaks RFC (stskeeps)
0003091: [installing] Problems when specifying different directory for binary in Config (stskeeps)
0003212: [ircd] /userip <someone_else> seemingly shows my (cloaked) IP (stskeeps)
0003285: [ircd] Commit me. (stskeeps)
0003186: [documentation] -ssl not specifed in UnrealIRCd Documentation as being able to use for /rehash (stskeeps)
0003146: [ircd] Modes O , S not rejected for modes-on-connect (stskeeps)
0002157: [module api] Cloaking module allows identical Cloak Keys (stskeeps)
0003147: [ircd] /Setname and spamfilter (stskeeps)
0003273: [documentation] Documentation in help.conf is lacking some new features (stskeeps)
0002420: [documentation] Documentation doesn't tell us that we can do /kill nick1,nick2,... (stskeeps)
0002404: [documentation] Expanding Addline Documentation (stskeeps)
0002844: [ircd] Spamfilter bawks on capitalizing actions (stskeeps)
0002560: [ircd] SAMODE with incorrect # of params sends incorrect ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS reply (stskeeps)
0003159: [documentation] Typo in UnrealIRCd Documentation for class (stskeeps)
0002842: [ircd] [Rehashing] Output glitch in server notice (stskeeps)
0003274: [ircd] Nick inconsistancy when using SAPART (stskeeps)
0003118: [ircd] Typo in command (stskeeps)
0003171: [documentation] doc/technical/token.txt typo (stskeeps)
0003234: [ircd] user hosts in oper blocks should support CIDR (aquanight)
0003145: [ircd] too many target protection is not configureable or excemptable (Trocotronic)
0003164: [ircd] A way to test the config file (from the command line or without having to actually rehash) (Trocotronic)
0003136: [ircd] Unreal reports error but actually it starts (Trocotronic)
0003196: [documentation] Typo! (Trocotronic)
0000935: [ircd] SQLINE command but for channel banning (Trocotronic)
0003063: [installing] ./Config asks for domainname but that info is not used anywhere (Trocotronic)
0002963: [ircd] CRC32 is wrong (Trocotronic)
0003105: [documentation] TOPIC command os not described in documentation (aquanight)
0002864: [documentation] link::leaf-depth incorrect, also link::hub/leaf (aquanight)
0003083: [documentation] leaf-depth should be leafdepth (aquanight)
0002623: [documentation] Hub vs. Leaf (aquanight)
0003084: [ircd] deny link ignored for autoconnects. (aquanight)
0003077: [ircd] SVSO - doesn't remove C (Coadmin) (aquanight)
0003079: [ircd] SQUIT doesn't send token.
0003072: [ircd] mode acknowledge on channel svs(2)modes not token (aquanight)
0003025: [documentation] SVSNLINE doesn't remove realnamebans (aquanight)
75 issues View Issues
Released 2006-06-16
0002938: [installing] Library order screws things up (unable to compile) (syzop)
0001501: [ircd] new server ban idea (stskeeps)
0003238: [ircd] rehash causes ircd to open new fd for modules (syzop)
0002936: [ircd] 3.2.6 Release (syzop)
       0003150: [ircd] connection error not received? (syzop)
       0003131: [ircd] PingPong warning bug? (syzop)
       0003018: [ircd] Autoconnect flooding connections to hub (syzop)
       0003114: [ircd] warning then choosing belarusian language (syzop)
       0003113: [documentation] Add to help.conf info about extended bans. (syzop)
       0003004: [ircd] WebTV whois does not canonize nicknames as /whois does it. (syzop)
       0002902: [ircd] Failed oper notices not all global'ed (aquanight)
       0002890: [ircd] [warnings] Warnings on compile - POSIX Deprecation (syzop)
       0002953: [ircd] mkpasswd crypt (syzop)
       0002980: [ircd] Big services stamp may break synchrony among servers. (syzop)
       0002886: [ircd] [Patch pending] don't crash just becuse no permission to open file. (syzop)
       0002866: [ircd] [Win32] Crash on start due to SSL private key prompt (syzop)
       0002933: [ircd] SVSMODE +x error (syzop)
       0002802: [ircd] UnrealIRCd crashes on startup (or fails to work) under Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (syzop)
       0002981: [ircd] SVSMODE -b and the new cloaked matching ban stuff (syzop)
0003143: [ircd] Spamfilter u with warn option. (syzop)
0003141: [documentation] svsnline syntax in help.conf (syzop)
0003138: [ircd] Not getting link error message (syzop)
0003135: [ircd] didn't get notices about oper-up (syzop)
0003125: [installing] INADDR_NONE is not defined (syzop)
0003122: [ircd] (possible) Typo in some warnings in charsys.c (syzop)
0003064: [ircd] SAPART not supporting multiple channels (syzop)
0002734: [ircd] wircd fail to initialize on /restart command (syzop)
0002467: [documentation] A little typo on Svssilence HelpOp (syzop)
0002975: [ircd] static text version over dynamic (syzop)
0002970: [ircd] #define SIXBONE_HACK deprecated (syzop)
0002488: [documentation] SVSNOOP help.conf Documentation Incorrect. (syzop)
0002721: [documentation] single letter aliases not possible -> command exists (syzop)
0002964: [documentation] NAMESX in docs/technical/005.txt (syzop)
0002974: [documentation] chmodef documentation incorrect for type k (syzop)
0002818: [documentation] Typo in HelpOp (syzop)
0003081: [ircd] Typo (syzop)
0002478: [ircd] Usermode to stop /invites being recieved (syzop)
0002680: [ircd] Remove "If you are having problems connecting due to ping timeouts" message (syzop)
0003074: [ircd] (1) set::dns::bind-ip directive seen as duplicate (syzop)
0002636: [ircd] Snomask +N shows changes on ulined servers (syzop)
0003110: [ircd] "SVSMOTD !" does not removes /motd output until ircd restart. (syzop)
0003015: [installing] failed to load tmp/[random] (aquanight)
0003069: [ircd] IRCd crashes on startup with segmentation fault if non-existent allowed-nickchars parameter selected (aquanight)
0003106: [installing] not compiling windows version with latest cvs (syzop)
0003085: [module api] not being built (syzop)
0003097: [ircd] patch for compatability with java nick command when password is set (syzop)
0003095: [ircd] Daemon crashes with no errors in the log file (syzop)
0003102: [ircd] Ukrainian charset bug (syzop)
0002966: [ircd] libz and libssl version issue (syzop)
0003054: [ircd] incorrect reverse dns (syzop)
0003044: [ircd] SVSNICK Collisions (aquanight)
0003032: [ircd] Certificate loading problem? (CVS .556) (syzop)
0002601: [ircd] Non-SSL Opers can join +z channel with SAJOIN (syzop)
0002889: [ircd] Noticing "oper override" on /mode #chan -h nick (syzop)
0002992: [ircd] Desync when mixing +Q & KICKs (syzop)
0003003: [ircd] tld::options::ssl ignored? (syzop)
0002965: [ircd] include/config.h #undef SHOW_SECRET behavior or documentation incorrect (syzop)
0002900: [installing] compilation error (syzop)
0002979: [documentation] serverprotocol.html: server protocol number is at 2308, not 2307 (syzop)
0003048: [ircd] mode f figures in wrong position in 005 token CHANMODES (syzop)
0003051: [ircd] Sapart and Sajoin are reported differently.
0002532: [ircd] oper::modes can set +z on non-ssl connections
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Released 2006-02-06
0002683: [ircd] Multiple notify fails to trigger watch events (syzop)
0002926: [installing] make: permission denied (syzop)
0002952: [documentation] I cant change the topic as netadmin with override (syzop)
0002950: [ircd] SVSHOLD/qline-H nicks still produce qline rejection notices (syzop)
0002836: [ircd] Not Relinking Properly, Then a Crash (syzop)
0002944: [ircd] doestn't run anymore with #undef STRIPBADWORDS (syzop)
0002940: [ircd] Normal users can still change the topic with +m on (syzop)
0002879: [ircd] Location and CURL (syzop)
0002929: [ircd] Crash upon '/STATS Z' (syzop)
0002921: [installing] compilation error in timesync.c (AF_INET undeclared) (syzop)
0002137: [ircd] real command aliases (syzop)
0002911: [ircd] broader tkl mask (syzop)
0002896: [ircd] allow changing numeric without server restart (syzop)
0002868: [ircd] More than one IPv6 listen block may cause a crash (syzop)
0002899: [ircd] EGD missing parameter but is not necessary (syzop)
0002891: [ircd] [Patch Pending] charsys.c langlist order fix for binary search (syzop)
0002875: [ircd] VStudio 2005: Crashes on link to any server, stats, or services (syzop)
0002050: [ircd] ban-bug with restricted channel and vhost's (syzop)
0002877: [ircd] Better compression (syzop)
0002843: [ircd] don't resolve correct all hostnames (syzop)
0002850: [ircd] Z-Lines is not checked when a CGI:IRC client is connecting (CVS) but is on rehash/kills (syzop)
0002838: [installing] namesx on cvs (syzop)
0002835: [ircd] error in #define in struct.h (syzop)
0002823: [installing] Unable to install: error In function `m_pass': (syzop)
0002821: [installing] Cant compile latest cvs on Windows XP SP 2 (syzop)
0001580: [ircd] CGI:IRC support (syzop)
0002820: [ircd] connect notice problem (syzop)
0002798: [installing] missing quote in produce bad code with autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.59 under (syzop)
0002748: [ircd] 3.2.5 Release (syzop)
       0002941: [installing] Fails in Config when enable remote include (syzop)
       0002863: [ircd] Weird buildin-IRCd time synching idea (syzop)
       0002581: [ircd] [BUG] operator count bug! (syzop)
       0002722: [ircd] Command type alias's tweak + semi-related bug fix (syzop)
       0002448: [ircd] config.h IRC_UID and IRC_GID macros make no sense (syzop)
       0002275: [ircd] cloak algorithm feature request (syzop)
       0002894: [ircd] Windows XP SP2 Pro : Wircd crashes. (syzop)
       0002565: [ircd] SETHOST, cloaking, and VHP (syzop)
       0002883: [ircd] set::maxdccallow still allows 1 entrie if set to 0 (zero) (syzop)
       0002806: [installing] [internal] Unreal, or actually: c-ares, should not depend on C++ compiler (syzop)
       0002233: [ircd] Banned users can change the topic? (syzop)
       0002865: [ircd] Hide stats requests (syzop)
       0002854: [ircd] chroot compilation broken (syzop)
       0002853: [ircd] RPL_MYPORTIS is at ircd startup spoofed to syslogd (syzop)
       0002365: [ircd] /trace not usable by local opers (syzop)
       0002848: [ircd] Unreal should support chained SSL certificates (syzop)
0002783: [installing] Fails to compile on Visual Studio 2005
0002678: [ircd] A curiousity in is_banned()
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Released 2005-03-13
0001440: [ircd] Client connection Message shows localhost. instead of localhost (stskeeps)
0002481: [ircd] IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for same DNS don't get resolved properly (syzop)
0002797: [ircd] Globbing/Wildcard error in oper::from::userhost (syzop)
0002782: [ircd] global qline fot *\* (syzop)
0002778: [documentation] serverprotocol.html (syzop)
0002774: [documentation] Unreal3.2/doc/ corrections (syzop)
0002777: [ircd] Crash bug apparently SSL related (syzop)
0002772: [ircd] Nick Collision on Nicks with \ included (syzop)
0002773: [ircd] Crash bug with localhost connections (syzop)
0002767: [module api] SVSSNO/SVS2SNO not being different commands when sent to remote server in m_svssno.c (syzop)
0002762: [ircd] Maxbanlength issue (syzop)
0002766: [ircd] Unused include/config.h settings (syzop)
0002765: [ircd] Typo in config.h comments (syzop)
0002752: [ircd] ~c:#c\*t not working (syzop)
0002753: [ircd] set::maxsbans, set::maxbanlength report dup (syzop)
0002447: [ircd] [win32 + curl] Support for FTPS/HTTPS (syzop)
0002460: [ircd] Empty (but existing) included files cause an error (syzop)
0002511: [ircd] Modify the channel bans limit without editing sources (syzop)
0002700: [ircd] /STATS v output's an uppercase V before the lines instead of lowercase (syzop)
0002747: [ircd] Segfault on /SQUIT (latest CVS, .409) (syzop)
0002724: [ircd] allow cyrillic nick (not only russian) (syzop)
0002744: [ircd] [patch] Using chinese-* charset will cause crashes (syzop)
0002743: [ircd] Killed oper gets wrong servername (syzop)
0002570: [ircd] spamfilter viruschan action incompatible with user target (syzop)
0002510: [documentation] Server link option "quarantine" doesn't do what it says it does (syzop)
0001509: [ircd] link::nodnscache generates flood under certain conditions (syzop)
0002656: [installing] ./Config and SSL (syzop)
0002496: [ircd] Spamfilter 'p' should match messages send via aliases (/ns, /cs, etc) (syzop)
0002698: [ircd] static-part's 'no' option doesn't do what it's intended to do (syzop)
0002696: [ircd] /setname not returning anything if no argument is given (syzop)
0002482: [ircd] [OpenBSD] A /rehash kills the ircd (syzop)
0002388: [ircd] You can change your nick TO a banned one in a channel. (stskeeps)
0002681: [ircd] Syzop borked extended bans ;) (syzop)
0002674: [module api] Probable redundant MyClient call (syzop)
0002670: [ircd] Missing "else" in src/ircd.c (syzop)
0002671: [module api] Redundant if/then/else construct in src/modules/m_kill.c (syzop)
0002644: [ircd] Oper override invite and oper auto join conflict... (syzop)
0002659: [ircd] Trouble with SSL and C-Ares (syzop)
0002499: [ircd] find_cache_number crash (syzop)
0002658: [installing] Someone forgets to add win/ares/ files (syzop)
0002652: [ircd] s_serv.c m_restart (syzop)
0002632: [ircd] Document deaf mode privmsg escaping feature, and use a better default? (syzop)
0002639: [ircd] crash (syzop)
0002577: [installing] Current CVS does not compile with 2003 (codemastr)
0002207: [ircd] Fake Lag configurable by class ? (syzop)
0002083: [ircd] SpamFilter Problem (syzop)
0002605: [ircd] +b ~c: not-allowing certain bans (syzop)
0002427: [ircd] Allow channel directive mis-reporting errors. (codemastr)
0002594: [installing] Compile error with gcc-4.0.0-8 & IPv6 (syzop)
0002431: [ircd] resolver problem: not resolving CNAME'd PTR's correctly (syzop)
0002585: [ircd] Wildcard bug? (syzop)
0002553: [ircd] unable to load efunction register_user (syzop)
0002554: [ircd] crash error when connecting users (syzop)
0002508: [ircd] Wierd results with +I and set::modes-on-join (syzop)
0002474: [installing] Config won't spot 'config.settings' (syzop)
0002466: [ircd] Channel mode 'G' given twice in a /VERSION response (syzop)
0002441: [ircd] /WATCH doesent work? (syzop)
0002436: [ircd] Support for danish characters (syzop)
0002425: [ircd] Segmentation fault on bad "badwords" (syzop)
0002666: [installing] probleme make
60 issues View Issues
Released 2004-10-28
0002237: [documentation] help.conf: REHASH documented to clear temporary klines when it actually does not (syzop)
0002398: [ircd] [win32] /SAMODE - not setting +G/+j/+T under certain conditions (syzop)
0002397: [ircd] /LIST command no longer returns channel modes (codemastr)
0002399: [ircd] umode +g - not unset if an oper sets -o/-O (codemastr)
0002395: [module api] oldcloak (syzop)
0002391: [ircd] Chmodes +p/+s and +S/+c - possible desynch (syzop)
0002392: [documentation] Better documentation on new channelmode +j (codemastr)
0002393: [documentation] example.conf bugs (codemastr)
0002383: [ircd] Invite with no parameters prints garbage (codemastr)
0002373: [documentation] doc/technical/token.txt out of date (syzop)
0002251: [ircd] spamfilter u not matching on nick change ? (syzop)
0001503: [ircd] let a +a user -a themselves... (syzop)
0002229: [ircd] crash at res.c:1385 (syzop)
0002349: [documentation] Where to find information about precedence of oper modes (syzop)
0002246: [ircd] /GZLINE <nick> (syzop)
0001770: [ircd] Oper Override for channel modes not always displayed (syzop)
0001826: [ircd] OperOverride bug (-h) (syzop)
0002087: [ircd] SAMODE bug (syzop)
0001840: [ircd] Restricted /samode-handling with Halfop (syzop)
0001704: [ircd] operoveride bug (syzop)
0002006: [ircd] I think is a small text error in /whois with ssl (syzop)
0002375: [ircd] Color codes stripped from nearly badwords-matching sentences (syzop)
0002074: [ircd] illegal character in nickname bug (syzop)
0002355: [ircd] chmode +j doesn't display error message if halfops try setting it (syzop)
0002358: [module api] Typo in src/modules/m_chgname.c (syzop)
0002333: [ircd] Halfops exempt from +f #t? (syzop)
0002374: [documentation] Nonexisting set::allowed-characters (syzop)
0002325: [ircd] Sajoin notice send the channel double. (codemastr)
0002359: [ircd] nick change notices when after reciving a SVSNICK command from services (codemastr)
0002366: [ircd] Userip / userhost commands (codemastr)
0002341: [ircd] Typo in /stats responce (syzop)
0002360: [ircd] charsys synch/link issues (syzop)
0002354: [documentation] Documentation Tweakage (syzop)
0002070: [ircd] Localized nick support (syzop)
0002338: [ircd] Spamfilter : Use 'tkltime' for the 'shun' action ? (syzop)
0002223: [ircd] ban version: action shun (syzop)
0002327: [ircd] Logging important events without log{} (syzop)
0002185: [ircd] NOOP Allows Former Opers to See Privileged Info (syzop)
0002198: [ircd] ~c extended ban type improvement (syzop)
0001929: [ircd] Allow spamfilter.conf to scan topics as well as any other message. (syzop)
0001236: [ircd] nodnscache / resolver TTL bug (syzop)
0002300: [ircd] Modules are copied to temporary directory (syzop)
0002084: [documentation] item still remains in systray even if it delete from conf (codemastr)
0001758: [installing] GUEST command doesn't work (codemastr)
0002290: [documentation] me::numeric inconsistancy (codemastr)
0002299: [ircd] /stats confusion, documentation bugs (codemastr)
0002044: [ircd] Implementation of Invex (chanmode +I) (codemastr)
0002306: [ircd] /Invite bug / Bad Documentation Of /Invite (codemastr)
0002210: [ircd] SVSPART reason field not working (codemastr)
0002222: [ircd] SVSMODE -b|e does not work with new extended bans. (codemastr)
0001524: [ircd] Stats for except tkl (codemastr)
0002288: [ircd] Whois Notification Problem (codemastr)
0002297: [ircd] Cloak Key Error (codemastr)
0002293: [ircd] sajoin's snotice (codemastr)
0002266: [ircd] set::htm::incoming-rate screwed up (codemastr)
0002202: [installing] - Fixed alloca warning @ Linux (post-3.2.2) is not fixed (w/SSL etc) (codemastr)
0002248: [ircd] Channel +f flood notices target is "incorrect" (codemastr)
0002120: [ircd] SIGINT (or ./unreal restart) does not reload config changes (codemastr)
0002231: [ircd] Sajoin with multiple channels not working (codemastr)
0002269: [installing] dccallow.conf missing from Win32 build (codemastr)
0002270: [ircd] SVSMODE -b should remove IP bans on user (codemastr)
0002284: [ircd] Typo in module m_oper.c (codemastr)
0002253: [ircd] Sajoin and Sapart logic (codemastr)
0002240: [ircd] CIDR notation circumvents "Too broad mask" protection (codemastr)
0000920: [ircd] Regex documentation (codemastr)
0002191: [installing] win32 version still defaults to 'install as a service' (syzop)
0002230: [ircd] flat-map option returnes juped servers also (syzop)
0002228: [ircd] except tkl not working (syzop)
0002024: [ircd] umode +g (syzop)
0002212: [ircd] make most eyes snomask messages global (syzop)
0001487: [ircd] chanmode +z in conjunction with mode +i or +k, and operoverride invite (syzop)
0002205: [documentation] Spamfilter "away"-Target is not documented (codemastr)
0001298: [ircd] set::gline-address (codemastr)
0002107: [ircd] IPv6 Numeric IPs not in compressed form (codemastr)
0002148: [ircd] improve error msg "cannot join channel (+z)" (codemastr)
0001933: [ircd] "set::allow-userhost-change force-rejoin;" allow banwalks? (codemastr)
0002193: [ircd] Oper flags in /stats o (codemastr)
0002190: [ircd] /invite list (codemastr)
0002188: [ircd] in deny link {} in rules with "-" in the mask config fails (codemastr)
0002178: [ircd] backslashes in config files not working correctly (codemastr)
0002165: [ircd] Throttle message (codemastr)
0002161: [ircd] dont-resolve + show-connectinfo="Looking up your hostname" (codemastr)
0002149: [ircd] Minor bug with STATS (codemastr)
0002166: [documentation] fail-oper-warn (codemastr)
0002096: [ircd] Who flag for bots (codemastr)
0002134: [ircd] SAMODE notice text has an extra space (codemastr)
0000176: [ircd] botmotd and opermotd in TLD block (codemastr)
0002145: [installing] More ./Config options (codemastr)
0002141: [documentation] Document default snomask behavior (codemastr)
0002116: [ircd] missing const in match.c (codemastr)
0002123: [module api] Smarter handling of MOD_Dep paths (codemastr)
0002126: [ircd] non-fatal warnings for duplicate config tags (codemastr)
0002147: [ircd] proposed alias update: auspice.conf (syzop)
0002121: [ircd] WATCH webtv support (codemastr)
94 issues View Issues
Released 2004-09-03
0002032: [ircd] Weird crash, maybe parse again, or something else .. (syzop)
0001926: [documentation] mkpasswd documentation (syzop)
0002057: [ircd] Spamfiler + away (syzop)
0002085: [ircd] multiple types in except tkl (codemastr)
0002051: [ircd] Problems for Chinese nick (syzop)
0001990: [ircd] Link with hostname (not IP) broken on IPv6 compile (syzop)
0002101: [ircd] badword "#" crash the IRCd (syzop)
0001335: [ircd] Preventing flooding when q-lined nicks connects (syzop)
0001686: [ircd] Aliases that message to a channel (codemastr)
0002097: [ircd] Hostname Resolving With FreeBSD Jails (syzop)
0001983: [ircd] TODO: salted passes + make md5 always available (syzop)
0002073: [documentation] tokens.txt needs updating (codemastr)
0001965: [ircd] users with snomask +s can see oper up notices (codemastr)
0002023: [ircd] SVSMODE removal of oper modes has unpredictable effect (codemastr)
0002017: [ircd] Watch params (codemastr)
0002020: [ircd] Channel mode +M bug ? (codemastr)
0002019: [documentation] link::ciphers (codemastr)
0002048: [ircd] Kline distributed on directly connected servers on update (codemastr)
0002045: [ircd] ip ban (channels) impossible when users ip has resolved to (codemastr)
0002132: [ircd] Ban IP block ineffective (syzop)
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