Released 2023-12-01
  • 0006352: [installing] Certain set of modules failing compilation halts the whole build (syzop)
  • 0006366: [ircd] Integrate central-api & central-blocklist in UnrealIRCd 6.1.3 itself (syzop)
  • 0006362: [ircd] Make set::hide-ban-reason default to 'yes' (syzop)
  • 0006149: [module api] Please an an url-api (syzop)
  • 0006358: [json-rpc] Placing a gzline in the panel on an ident causes the server to ban everything and not allowing SSL/TLS connections (syzop)
  • 0006365: [ircd] Not recompiling third party modules when running git version (and recompiling unrealircd) (syzop)
  • 0006353: [ircd] +I gets trimmed before digit (syzop)
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