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0001522unrealircdpublic2010-11-15 16:51
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Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0001522: /rehash -global command
DescriptionAdding the ability to rehash all servers with one line.
This will be pretty usefull when the remote include command will become avaliable.
The way I see this working is a supporting version of unreal linked to a supporting version will pass this line, and supporting linked to unsupporting will pass instructions (remote rehash) for each server behind and including the unsupporting one.
Though this is open for suggestions.
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2004-02-07 18:11

reporter   ~0004900

Imagine an IRC network with two server admins (A and B) and five servers. The first admin (A) has only one server, the others are owned by the second one (B). Let's say, "B" made a change in his/her servers and now ready to rehash all of them with a single command (that is, /rehashall or something you are talking about). After done, "A" shouts "Hey! Who the hell rehashed my server? I haven't finished making changes in my conf files!" Now imagine what would happen on much bigger networks. :-) [Just my thoughts.]


2004-02-09 04:41

administrator   ~0004914

[strange I thought I replied to this, ah well.. I guess I didn't hit the button or devel*/my isp was down..]

We COULD consider this... and perhaps only rehash remote includes... I mean, I don't find the idea totally stupid.. I thought about it too when I was on a network with remote includes and X servers, it would be very helpful.

Anyway, currently we are preparing for next release (and thus not really implementing new features), so I'll prolly consider this again at some later stage :).


2007-04-27 06:09

reporter   ~0013857



2008-06-22 22:51

reporter   ~0015310

I also requested this feature it would be so nice to have since i have 10 ircd accounts


2010-07-14 21:08

administrator   ~0016188

I'll do this for 3.2.9 myself. I could 'assign' it right now, but I'm not yet working on it ;).


2010-11-15 16:51

administrator   ~0016410

Added in .897:
- Added '/REHASH -global' command which will rehash all servers on the
  network. You can also specify options like '/REHASH -global -motd' to
  rehash only the MOTD/RULES/etc. Just like /REHASH <servername> this is a
  NetAdmin-only command. This command is fully backwards compatible with
  older UnrealIRCd version in the sense that it will also REHASH old
  Unreal's. Suggested by 'P' in 0001522.

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