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0001968unrealircdpublic2006-01-02 14:45
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Summary0001968: Link quarantine

According to the documentation, the link options "quarantine" allow to: "opers on this server will maintain locop status".

However, when I tried a link with this option, oper still have power on the other server.
Steps To Reproduce- Install two servers: test1 and test2
- On test1 put the "quarantine" option
- On test2 make a normal link

If an oper on test2 try to set a mode, test1 will remove it (that's good).
If an oper on test2 try kick, kill, sajoin, ... on users of test1, he will success (not normal).
If an oper of test1 whois an oper of test2, he looks like a user but he still have his oper flags.
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duplicate of 0002510 resolvedsyzop Server link option "quarantine" doesn't do what it says it does 



2004-07-17 18:20

reporter   ~0007131

what kind of power?


2004-07-17 18:37

reporter   ~0007134

I have written it, an oper on a server link with the "quarantine" option can kill, sajoin, sapart, ... users of the others servers as if it was a normal link. According to the documentation, this oper should have local power only.


2004-07-17 19:04

reporter   ~0007137

I believe the quarentine just prevents the oper from doing global things, such as gline and gzline


2004-07-17 19:14

reporter   ~0007138

Last edited: 2004-07-25 15:46

So documentation should me more explicit : "opers on this server will maintain locop status". Locops can't kill users of others servers.

Moreover, I just test the gline and it works too. In fact, only mode change on channel seems to be prevent by a "quarantine" link.

[EDIT] I have made several test. If oper1 (on hub) whois oper2 (on leaf in quarantine), oper2 appears as user but with his flags +aAN ... oper2 see oper1 as an oper (that's normal).
If oper2 try to set a mode on a chan, the hub remove it. However, if he use /samode, it works.
Finally, quarantine link seem not to work as it should. My goal is to make a network where we share users and services but not the oline. Each servers will be managed by its own opers. If you plan to correct that, please inform me.

modifié le : 2004-07-21 11:15

After a more deep study of the source code, I saw how the quarantine work. In fact, in src/s_user.c , if quarantine is set, the flag O is block and that's why opers appears as user in whois and that's all. I think flags like +v (can override) are not sent to remote servers so it's impossible to block it in this file (I tried some modifications). It seems to be necessary to recode all commands individually in modules/*.c files. I will try it but I'm not sure to succeed since I can create some desynch :( So, could you please inform me if you plan to do it ? Thanks by advance.

modifié le : 2004-07-25 15:46


2006-01-02 14:45

administrator   ~0010916

See 0002510

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