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0002510unrealdocumentationpublic2006-01-02 14:45
ReporterEviL_SmUrF Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSCentOS 4OS Version4 
Product Version3.2.3 
Fixed in Version3.2.4 
Summary0002510: Server link option "quarantine" doesn't do what it says it does
DescriptionAccording to the documentation, the server link option "quarantine" should make it so that any oper on any server linked under that option should only have local oper powers. They still have global powers even if they are linked under that option as far as I can tell. I linked a test server with "quarantine" enabled and the test oper on that server could kill me across the network.

If you guys take a look at this and fix this bug, if you have time I would like some other things enabled, if they aren't already for this option. I would like it so that any server linked to a server with the quarantine option also falls under this quarantine, as well as any server linked under quarantine that has G-lines on it, will not be allowed to pass the G-lines to the rest of the network.
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has duplicate 0001968 closed Link quarantine 
has duplicate 0002163 closed Link option "quarantine" is ignored 



2005-05-02 00:45

reporter   ~0009876

oops, meant to put this under "ircd"

also the reason why i put it as major is because of the whole fact that opers that are *supposed* to be only local have full global powers.


2005-05-02 12:10

reporter   ~0009877

Funny enough, search for 'quarantine' and you get (now) 5 bug posts about this same thing ... :P


2005-05-02 13:26

reporter   ~0009881

I wonder when someone plans on addressing this issue... :P


2005-10-31 16:38

reporter   ~0010622

So, are we gonna have any updates on this bug?


2005-12-09 16:49

administrator   ~0010845

I'm just going to make it kill, and that's as far as I'm willing to go[*]... it has been explained 423472 times that doing checks for things like glines, etc, is not a complete solution and only causes a false sense of security.

[*] I wished I could simply make it -oN[etc] but that's not possible, or at least not in a backward compatible way, so just a simply kill on +o will do


2006-01-02 14:45

administrator   ~0010917

Fixed in CVS [.404].

Changelog entry:
- Made the link::options::quarantine actually do something... People that get global
  oper privileges on quarantined servers will be instantly killed. Bit ugly perhaps, but
  then it actually does what it should (prevent opers on quarantine from getting GLOBAL
  oper privileges). This "fixes" 0002510, 0002163 and 0001968.

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