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0002087unrealircdpublic2005-02-27 17:34
ReporterStealth Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.1 
Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002087: SAMODE bug
DescriptionWhen the services +ao a nick on a channel, an oper cannot /samode -ao that nick without can_override and without rank in the channel. If that oper has can_override, Unreal sends the override notice AND the samode notice.

The reproduction is not always, but it can be reprodiced most of the time. I think it depends on the opers configuration.

I am re-submitting this bug report, as the old one got closed/ignored and no one understood the original issue. The original bug is located here:

Steps To ReproduceOper without can_override, and with Services Admin.

Allow services to +ao someone on a channel.

Without rank in that channel, attempt to /samode -ao the person.

You should get errors as follows:
#Channel You're not a channel owner
o Nick is a channel admin
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3rd party modules



2004-09-22 02:43

reporter   ~0007759

An oper with can_override cannot +a a user. He gets "#channel Your not channel owner"


2005-02-27 17:34

administrator   ~0009337

Fixed in .300 -- feel free to test.

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