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0002864unrealdocumentationpublic2006-11-16 16:36
Reporteraquanight Assigned Toaquanight  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSLinux GentooOS Version2.6.12
Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0002864: link::leaf-depth incorrect, also link::hub/leaf
Descriptionlink::leaf-depth is listed in the unreal32docs.html, but s_conf.c expects leafdepth (with no dash).

Also, I think we need slightly better documentation about the effects of the hub and leaf directives. Particularly I don't really think the documentation is clear/accurate on what the leaf directive actually does (judging from modules/m_server.c, it should be documented as the mask of servers a hub can't link :) ).
Steps To ReproduceFrom grep -n leafdepth s_conf.c :
5893: else if (!strcmp(cep->ce_varname, "leafdepth"))
6105: else if (!strcmp(cep->ce_varname, "leafdepth"))
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3rd party modules


duplicate of 0003083 resolvedaquanight leaf-depth should be leafdepth 
duplicate of 0002623 resolvedaquanight Hub vs. Leaf 



2006-03-23 17:32

reporter   ~0011427

Last edited: 2006-03-23 17:32

Also, I was unclear as to how a hub *; leaf *.com; would be processed.

How about a leaf *.com; with no other hub/leaf?

Or a hub *; leaf *.com; hub *;


2006-03-23 17:33

reporter   ~0011428

The third would probably give you a "duplicate directive" error :P. And then the hub couldn't link anything because iirc the second directive applies :P .


2006-03-23 18:47

administrator   ~0011430

Personally I've never understood it either, so I guess that says it all.. :P

Then again, I never had a XX server net, so I never cared to look at it.. personally (lazy... hub *;)


2006-11-16 16:36

reporter   ~0012680

Fixed in devel CVS .2299.

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