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0002937unrealinstallingpublic2012-11-25 18:20
Reporterraymondvrolijk Assigned Tonenolod 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLinuxOS Version2.6.8 
Product Version3.2.4 
Target Version3.3-alpha0Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0002937: update config.h: remove disabling of THROTTLING, FAST_BADWORD_REPLACE, possibly more...
DescriptionWhen i remove the following line from ./include/config.h :


Then I will get an error when I run 'make':

$ make
Building src
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/irc/Unreal3.2/src'
gcc -I../include -I/home/irc/Unreal3.2/extras/regexp/include -I/home/irc/Unreal3.2/extras/c-ares/include -pipe -g -O2 -funsigned-char -fno-strict-aliasing -export-dynamic -c res.c
In file included from res.c:46:
../include/h.h:683: error: syntax error before "cFlagTab"
../include/h.h:683: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
../include/h.h:683: warning: array 'cFlagTab' assumed to have one element
make[1]: *** [res.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/irc/Unreal3.2/src'
make: *** [build] Error 2
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to the Unreal directory

2. Start an editor to edit ./include/config.h

   vi ./include/config.h

3. Remove line 116 from the file
   (the line containing "#define THROTTLING")

4. Save the file and go back to the Unreal directory

   cd ..

5. Type 'make'
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3rd party modules


related to 0002970 resolvedsyzop #define SIXBONE_HACK deprecated 



2006-05-31 17:09

reporter   ~0011813

What if you change from:

#define THROTTLING 1



note: i have not tested this, but usually it is how things work.


2006-05-31 18:26

reporter   ~0011816

This isn't a bug, you need to make it #undef THROTTLING

If you are going to change things, you should know how :)


2006-06-01 06:26

reporter   ~0011818


doesn't work... still the same error


2006-06-03 10:12

administrator   ~0011832

I don't think I'm still going to support this type of configuration (disabling throttling via a define), IMO there's no reason to turn it off.

Why was it there in the first place? Because it was experimental, it was first turned off, later turned on.

Now it has been in use for 2 years (or something), there's no reason to still have a define setting. Same applies to FAST_BADWORD_REPLACE and possibly other settings as well.

Thanks for the report though, now I know the setting is broken and should be removed :P

2006-08-09 00:16


throttle-cleanup.diff (11,749 bytes)


2006-08-09 00:18

reporter   ~0012161

trivial patch removing the #ifdef and #elsif

looks like I missed a piece tho, the actual def in config.h

I am expecting I will have to start doing this work in svn, to make this easier. I get too much noise as it is, comparing a clean tree vs a built/configured tree.


2006-09-25 20:34

administrator   ~0012442

When we are at it, also clean up ./Config and configure and setup.h. Things like the Hub-or-leaf question can go, same for hostname (is already in bugtracker), etc etc.


2006-09-25 20:36

administrator   ~0012443

Reassigned from 3.2* to 3.3* tree.


2006-12-28 12:29

reporter   ~0012945

Fixed in .2320


2012-11-25 18:19

reporter   ~0017246

Various compile-time defines have been removed in 3.4 which were required to build the IRCd regardless.

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