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0003025unrealdocumentationpublic2006-08-19 15:33
ReporterFiXato Assigned Toaquanight  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLinuxOS Version2.6.11-1 
Product Version3.2.5 
Fixed in Version3.3-alpha0 
Summary0003025: SVSNLINE doesn't remove realnamebans
DescriptionWhen trying to remove an n:line/realnameban via SVSNLINE - reason:regex through an u:lined server, the realnameban doesn't get removed.
Tried this on both 3.2.3 as well as 3.2.5
Steps To Reproduce/os raw svsnline + HDC_Drones_are_banned :Hacked by H.D.C

/stats n
  n Hacked by H.D.C HDC Drones are banned

/os raw svsnline - HDC_Drones_are_banned :Hacked by H.D.C

/stats n
  n Hacked by H.D.C HDC Drones are banned
(so it is still listed in the stats n report after trying to remove it)

The same applies when letting for instance anope try the adding and removing through their /os sgline command.
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3rd party modulesantibear,tklexport,tklimport,rmban,nocolorumode,clones,staff ,ircops,getinfo,chansno,activeusers


related to 0003141 resolvedsyzop svsnline syntax in help.conf 



2006-08-17 19:23

reporter   ~0012185

after more fiddling, it does seem to work when trying to remove with:

/os svsnline - :realnamemask

so, leaving the reason out...
Either the command should be fixed to allow for reasons, or the helpop should be updated to show the correct way to remove instead of:

***** Svsnline *****
 Adds a global realname ban.
 Must be sent through an U:Lined server.
 The reason must be a single parameter therefore
 spaces are indicated by _, Unreal will internally
 translate these to spaces
 Syntax: SVSNLINE +/- <reason_for_ban> :<realname>
 Example: SVSNLINE + sub7_drone :*sub7*


2006-08-19 15:33

reporter   ~0012190

Documentation fixed in .2248 (3.3 devel branch).

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