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0003117unrealircdpublic2007-12-30 11:30
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.8 
Summary0003117: Improve +S , +c
DescriptionI'm suggesting to make +S and +c to Strip out(+S)/ block(+c) BOLD and Underline text just like Colors.
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3rd party modules


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2006-11-16 09:38

reporter   ~0012665

good idea, reverse should be blocked/stripped out too...


2006-11-16 10:34

reporter   ~0012670

ummm, this already exists as a module:


2006-11-16 15:10

administrator   ~0012676

I don't know where I said this, but... I think 'reverse' should be included in color stripping/blocking, since although maybe not technically a "color", in practice it IS a color change (and quite a noticable one, too).
Blocking bold and underline shouldn't be stripped/blocked IMO.

The idea is you can block the annoying colors (and reverse then ;p) while still keeping bold/underline which you can use to highlight things. Don't know if it's still the case, but it's for example used in our support channel to note where the mistake is in an unrealircd.conf line (like underline/bold the part that is incorrect, like a '}'). Blahblah ;)


2006-11-16 20:15

reporter   ~0012681

Maybe on +S dont block bold/underline.
On +c block them all..
I was thinking for something like this as a protection from flood bots..


2007-04-18 17:18

reporter   ~0013538

Syzop, what say you? Should these be changed or are modules sufficient enough?

Shining Phoenix

2007-04-18 19:31

reporter   ~0013556

How is stripping colour codes going to protect you from flood bots?


2007-04-18 19:38

reporter   ~0013558

+c doesn't strip, it blocks, therefor any bot using the colors would be blocked. And stripping anything but bold and underline sounds good to me. If they aren't being stripped then they should be.


2007-06-05 05:12

reporter   ~0014273

I think reverse should be blocked, and the underline/bold block module should be included as an extra mode by default (incorporating the already written module)


2007-06-05 14:37

reporter   ~0014277

Or make a conf option that accepts B, U or R or any combination of which to block/strip... the only downside to that is it may slow Unreal down a little


2007-06-10 11:35

reporter   ~0014308

It shouldn't slow anything down much, given it's not MORE codepaths being taken, just more branches in that same codepath.


2007-12-30 11:30

administrator   ~0014942

- ChanMode +S/+c: reverse is now stripped/blocked as well, because it's
  similar to color, and is just as annoying (..if not worse).

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