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0003133unrealdocumentationpublic2010-07-22 14:04
Reportersyzop Assigned Toohnobinki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003133: Add SSL client cert documentation (oper, link blocks, etc)
DescriptionDocument that we allow the 'sslclientcert' password authentication everywhere (like in place of 'md5' etc), if SSL is enabled.

It would be nice if this could be explicitly documented somewhere, maybe in the oper block (see 'additional information' field below).

It's also extremely useful for server links, probably good idea to explicitly document it there as well.

Of course any other suggestions or attempts as to how to put this in the docs are welcome as well.

Actually, maybe we could make a section which explains all authentication methods supported (md5, crypt, sslclientcert, etc) and refer to that from each section. Currently it's a mess that we have to repeat the list 'valid blalba methods are: md5, crypt, ..' at like 5 places ;P.

Still, I think a seperate "howto" section for oper certs and link blocks would be a good idea.

It's a shame this nice feature is completely undocumented atm ;)
Additional InformationBricker made a start on this (well, oper client certs), attached.
Probably at least part of it can be (re)used :)
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3rd party modules


child of 0003111 closed 3.2.7 Release 
child of 0003776 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.9 TODO 


2006-12-02 10:49


UnrealSSLDocs.doc (98,304 bytes)


2006-12-06 19:13

reporter   ~0012801

So basically, instead of how I had it setup for just the operblock, you wan an entire section for using SSL Certs? I'll (write) another one, and see if anyone else doesnt wanna edit it, or add to it


2007-04-18 16:24

reporter   ~0013533

*Punts Bricker* Well? ;)


2007-04-18 20:30

reporter   ~0013563

pft, sure i'll get on it over my weekend. ty again for reminding wolfsage


2007-06-12 15:26

reporter   ~0014345

*Punts Bricker again*


2007-06-12 17:36

reporter   ~0014352

my bad guys, i just dont remember stuff that well anymore. kick me in the channel tonight and i'll get on it


2010-07-14 17:29

administrator   ~0016174

I don't know about what exact text, but it would be nice to finally have some text about this in 3.2.9....


2010-07-22 01:22

reporter   ~0016236

- Remove browser compatibility listing from HTML docs.
- Added information about ``oper::password::auth-type sslclientcert'' and the same for link::password-receive::auth-type. (0003133)
- A little bit more of interlinking and using id="" instead of <a name="" />

I'm not sure if my changes are enough to resolve this bug.


2010-07-22 11:45

administrator   ~0016237

Yup, looks sufficient :)

(I only did some really minor edits, like moving 'crypt' up in your list, as to make it sorted from easiest to hardest to crack, and some caSE edits when I was at it)

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