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0003163unrealircdpublic2007-09-05 15:08
ReporterdjGrrr Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.8 
Summary0003163: Allow style IPs in IPv6 mode (not only ::ffff: // cgiirc block does not work w/ipv6
DescriptionAs the title says, the cgiirc block does not work when compiled with ipv6 support.
The reason is because when u use the format hostname "" it gets an error stating that all ips must be in the format ::ffff:

when you change it to that format, the host simply does not match, making the cgiirc block useless
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related to 0003311 resolvedsyzop CGI:IRC & IPv6 Issue 
child of 0003111 closed 3.2.7 Release 
child of 0003454 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.8 TODO 



2006-12-25 17:34

reporter   ~0012902

I'll see if I cant test this later


2006-12-26 12:47

reporter   ~0012907

Last edited: 2006-12-26 12:49

That's why the IP handling thingie should be rewritten sometime, this also gives problems with OpenBSD and ::ffff:-style addresses on an IPv6-enabled UnrealIRCd, it is hardcoded and the sysctl for that cannot be changed (Operation not permitted), thus making UnrealIRCd useless for listening on IPv4 when it is IPv6-enabled on OpenBSD...


2006-12-28 10:02

administrator   ~0012930

Last edited: 2007-04-30 12:45

Actually this has little to do with the socket type, Robby22.

We decided a while ago that '' should be auto converted to '::ffff:' anyway (and then not reject the '' form in ipv6 mode).

Perhaps we can use this bugreport for that :P

EDIT: For the record, with auto-converted, we mean that *in the configfile* should be auto-converted to ::ffff:, this is true for: cgi irc blocks, but also listen blocks, and link blocks, ... and more?


2007-07-22 12:51

reporter   ~0014547

This appears to still be a problem in 3.2.7.

2007-07-22 15:20


Unreal-3.2.7-ipv6.diff (2,292 bytes)


2007-07-22 15:22

reporter   ~0014549

Attached a patch, converts IPv4 to IPv6 style addresses. Doesn't actually do anything to CGI::IRC, so isn't complete. This is proof-of-concept.

I may be able to remove the goto and reentrant var, but I was trying to be conservative.

Would greatly appreciate an audit. If it's correct, you should be able to take the link::hostname part and copy it to cgi-irc.


2007-07-22 15:40

reporter   ~0014550

new patch using MyMalloc and MyFree, per stskeeps

2007-07-22 17:54



2007-07-22 17:55

reporter   ~0014551

ok, forgot to upload the v2 patch, but -v3 should do everything that stskeeps suggested, except it still doesn't do anything to cgi-irc

2007-07-22 19:20



2007-07-22 19:20

reporter   ~0014554

v4 is near identical to -v3, but includes the cgiirc blocks.


2007-09-04 05:32

administrator   ~0014751

i'll review this somewhere in the next few weeks, would like this in 3.2.8.


2007-09-05 15:08

administrator   ~0014753

fixed in .680:
- Now allowing '' ips again in IPv6 mode as well (instead of enforcing
  '::ffff:' ips in the conf, they are now auto-converted to that).
  Based on patch from tabrisnet.
- Fixed issue where the cgiirc block did not work with IPv6, reported by
  djGrrr, fixed by previous change.

Just for educational purposes, the diff..
changes re tabrisnet patch:
- no C99 declaration-after-statement
- use stack not heap for temporary storage
- no 'ip' memleak / just don't care about setting 'ip' anyway // merging 2 snprintfs to 1
- inet_pton instead of inet_aton, this is debatable though but I just trust this better (like you set the 2nd arg to NULL, not found in posix, so maybenot crossplatform ok)
that's all, patch was still useful though! ;p

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