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0003331unrealircdpublic2015-07-09 19:49
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Product Version3.2.7 
Summary0003331: Bug reports due for closing
DescriptionParent bug for bugs due for closing, but may need additional discussion.
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parent of 0003330 closed Suggestion: Output channel for spamfilter match 
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parent of 0003347 closed TimeSync bug! 
parent of 0002232 closedsyzop [CVS] Memory leaks in the new config parser code 



2007-05-12 12:11

reporter   ~0014100

Isn't that what setting them as "feedback" is for? :P


2007-06-04 20:46

reporter   ~0014270

are you kidding me sts? its an issue for not only me, but for others as well. When we discussed this on the channel many people said they saw the same thing happening.


2007-06-05 03:31

reporter   ~0014272

Bricker, re: 3347

1) I have a right to close bug reports if I don't think they have merit, or I can explain what caused it. I have to do this or we end up in bug report cluttering like before, and it is not something you should take personally.
2) I pointed out possible causes, outside interference (NTP), Anope (services global timesynch), altering with tsctl after timesynch
3) I don't like the timesynch feature at all and I would personally like to see it removed.
4) If you have additional information, there's the "reopen" button or something. But I will only accept information that proves this is solely a unreal problem. That is, I want to see server logs (/var/log/messages, let's say), information about NTP availiabiltity. Timesynch isn't supposed to run on servers with existing NTP. Services information/oper services - do they do server wide time synch? I'm inclined to think so, due to
>[May 18 2007 12:17:51] *** TStime=1179505030 time()=1179505125 TSoffset=-95
>[May 18 2007 12:18:07] *** Server=Server1.Some.Net TStime=1179505046 time()=1179505142 TSoffset=-95

Also, ircd.tune stores the TSoffset so this may fuck up things further.

5) Again, I don't think this is an unreal issue. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I will only accept it if you rule out any kind of outside interference, and i'm willing to bet a beer in case I ever meet you, that this is not an Unreal code problem (ie, as i said, "not an issue")


2015-07-09 19:49

administrator   ~0018458

old stuff

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