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0003354unrealircdpublic2008-02-11 16:15
Reportervonitsanet Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Product Version3.2.6 
Fixed in Version3.2.8 
Summary0003354: Dont allow part message when banned
Description/mode #channel +b Bad_Guy!*@*

Bad_Guy -> /part #channel f*ck u $chanoper

I've seen this as an automatic script too.

So my idea is to block part messages when someone is banned.

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3rd party modules


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2007-05-20 22:24

reporter   ~0014199

good idea


2007-05-20 22:57

reporter   ~0014200

wtf, hell yeah good idea. why wasnt this done?! I DEMAND RESULTS!!! :-P

on a more serious note, yeah i've seen it and its a good idea. +1 to voni, :)

Shining Phoenix

2007-05-21 01:36

reporter   ~0014202

Last edited: 2007-05-27 01:05

That's channel mode b, may as well take account of mMcSG as well =P


2007-05-21 09:32

reporter   ~0014203

Any modes affecting channel messages should affect PART messages as well. +1


2007-05-21 14:08

reporter   ~0014204

Is possible to hide quit message too on these situations?


2007-05-21 16:15

reporter   ~0014205

When it comes to quit, you'd need to block it intirely, because only 1 quit line is sent to the client... IMO it isn't a good idea, no sense blocking a quit message going to all the channels when the ban is only on 1 channel.


2007-05-21 16:25

reporter   ~0014206

You're right Bugz.
I was not sure if it was possible to block the quit reason for this one channel only.


2007-05-21 20:30

reporter   ~0014207

Ah, but you can't change your nick if you're banned on any one channel. What of that? =P


2007-05-21 21:50

reporter   ~0014208

wolfsage, make it use nickhistory to follow users nick and dont allow nickchange

if you dont understand, just ask and i'll explain better


2007-05-22 00:03

reporter   ~0014209

Bricker, that sounds very unrelated...


2007-05-22 09:23

reporter   ~0014212

Bugz, try reading again, thanks


2007-05-22 09:36

reporter   ~0014213

Heh. My comment about nick changes was to Bugz' "Blocking a quit message going to all the channels when the ban is only on one channel."

We currently do that with other modes that can affect a user channel wide. (Such as bans)


2007-05-26 20:19

reporter   ~0014225

As far as "block quit for the one channel" it's doable. Eg bahamut treats it as a blank PART on those channels that are +m, banned, +c, etc, and THEN does the QUIT.


This is doable in a module. Easily doable.

The other reason this isn't as needed: far more often than not: +b is followed by kick. So user doesn't get in his lame partmsg if your kick is faster. (I have sometimes wished for a true atomic kickban. No, not like kick + ban + nuclear explosion from guys box kind of atomic :P ... But again. Doable in module.)


2007-05-27 20:31

reporter   ~0014227

Seems like a good idea to send the part first, then the quit...

It may be doable in the module, but probably would be more maintainable being in the core...

Shining Phoenix

2007-06-05 21:18

reporter   ~0014278

Related to

And to reiterate, I believe all channel modes that affect channel messages should affect /part messages as well.


2008-02-11 16:14

administrator   ~0015086

already in cvs
- Remove part reason when user is banned, suggested by vonitsanet (0003354).


2008-02-11 16:14

administrator   ~0015089

was already in cvs, but forgot to close this bug ;)

- Remove part reason when user is banned, suggested by vonitsanet (0003354).

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