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Product Version3.2.7-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.7 
Summary0003422: Must be changed/added to documentation.

dns <option>
Desc: Returns information about the IRC server's DNS cache. Note, since most clients have a built-in DNS command, you will most likely need to use /raw DNS to use this. Opers may specify an l as the first parameter to the command to receive a list of entries in the DNS cache.

Who: All

Who must be set to IRCop

cos: /raw dns
 ::: Permission Denied- You do not have the correct IRC operator privileges

kill <nick> <reason>
Desc: Kills a user from the network

Must be set as in help.conf: kill <user1>,<user2>,<user3>,... <reason>
Desc: Kills a user(-s) from the network

Must be added to help:
rehash <server> –<flags>

-SSL reload of all SSL related data
-DNS reinitialaze resolver

maybe I smth missed about rehash?

mkpasswd <password> in docs, but:
 *** Syntax: /mkpasswd <authmethod> :parameter
Syntax: MKPASSWD <method> <password>
Example: MKPASSWD md5 IamTeh1337
in help.conf - must be listen in docs too.

module Lists all loaded modules All
must be: module <server> Lists all loaded modules All

and in help.conf too
Additional InformationUff, maybe I missed smth, must be read changes more carefully.
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3rd party modules


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2007-07-10 01:22

reporter   ~0014468

and in help.conf about svsnolag :P

2007-07-10 06:01


help.conf.diff (2,087 bytes)


2007-07-10 06:02

reporter   ~0014469

svsnolag + spamfilter updated


2007-07-10 06:12

reporter   ~0014470

Patched in .668


2008-12-23 16:42

administrator   ~0015512

(was already fixed in 3.2.7)

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