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0003866unrealmodule apipublic2009-11-22 13:18
Reporterk4be Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003866: New Packet hook
DescriptionThe hook allows to catch and modify all commands sent by a client, or commands to be sent to a client. We tried to create it ourselves, and got it working (attached diff). The hook is used by a module that converts character encoding (Polish irc network, charsets iso-8859-2, utf-8, windows-1250).
The buffer must not be replaced when receiving message from client, and should be replaced (with static char[] declared in the module function) when sending message to client, otherwise strange things will happen.
I'm not sure that HOOKTYPE_PACKET is the best name, but my friend, who helped me to code this module, suggested it.
Did not test with multiple functions using the hook.
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3rd party modules


child of 0003776 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.9 TODO 


2009-08-15 16:57


hook.diff (1,853 bytes)


2009-11-22 13:17

administrator   ~0015958

Added in CVS (.771), thanks for the patch :)

- Applied patch from k4be (0003866) which introduces a new packet hook
  (HOOKTYPE_PACKET). Replacing the 'text to be sent' to a client is
  supported, which allows character(set) conversion in a module.
  Note that modifying an incoming message by the hook is not supported.

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