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0003907unrealircdpublic2010-06-10 05:20
Reportertabrisnet Assigned Toohnobinki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux/x86OSDebian LinuxOS Versiontesting
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003907: IPv6/4 addrs (::ffff:w.x.y.z) break NICK connection parsing
DescriptionWith a custom CGI-IRC client connecting from localhost and passing a WEBIRC with an IPv4 addr, the IRCd sometimes replaces the IPv4 addr w.x.y.z with ::ffff:w.x.y.z.

This then produces the following
& usmb_h96 1 !1Byl9B htIRC-0min ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * A9694D2B:80B733CB:872E6D4A:IP KWdF6g== :WWW User

This then gets misparsed with the leading colon, such that everything after it is taken as a single param, and thus invalid.
Steps To ReproduceNo known way to reproduce intentionally. Does happen semi-regularly on, and as far as can be determined, only with the CGI-IRC client.
Additional InformationThis has been extensively discussed and analyzed with binki
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3rd party modules


child of 0003776 resolvedsyzop Unreal3.2.9 TODO 



2010-05-19 02:08

reporter   ~0016088

Regardless of whether or not my patch fixes this problem, it does at least do a few positive things.

- In m_pass.c, Inet_ia2p(&cptr->ip) should be used instead of the local variable `ip' or `ipbuff'
- In m_nick.c:_register_user(), the protection against evil DNS resolvers does not filter out `:', which means that if the resolver accepted a ``'' as a hostname, then unrealircd would be confused by the `:'.

The patch does add a sendto_realops() which should be removed after tabrisnet has tested the patch _unless_ if others think that the message would be useful.


2010-05-19 03:21

reporter   ~0016090

Ok, I've seen it happen now with non-cgiirc users (we had a spamflood today). But so far only (afaik) on one server. This server is probably the only one I have running Debian Squeeze AMD64. Is that relevant?

2010-05-19 04:04



2010-05-19 17:39

administrator   ~0016092

I don't see this stated anywhere, but... the ircd with the CGI:IRC client connected to it is IPv6 I presume? :P
How about the 'next hop'?

As for you saying you got it with non-CGI:IRC users. Are you sure about that? Got some pastable proof perhaps?
You had this before with (non-cvs) too? (no need to downgrade/test, just wondering if you know...)

ohnobinki: we already highly filter DNS results from our resolver in verify_hostname() in res.c. Perhaps we could use it for things passed to us by CGI:IRC as well? :) [note: we must still allow ipv4&ipv6 ips {in other words: ips, not resolved hostnames} as well]

Did not review or test your patch.. yet..


2010-05-19 17:52

administrator   ~0016093

Trying to reproduce on 3 server network: A-B-C
All IPv6
Command on A is:
WEBIRC eleet "cgiirc"
did not cause any issues on A->B or B->C (forwarded) traffic:
& hai 2 !1Bz0YC ~x x 0 +i * AQIDBA== :x.

Linux (Debian Lenny 5.0), 32 bits.


2010-05-19 18:12

administrator   ~0016094

Last edited: 2010-05-19 18:12

On an unrelated side note...
isdigit(*tmpstr - 1)
(which is also in the original code)
that can never work right :P
most likely isdigit(tmpstr[-1]) was intended, but a length check before that would be needed [tmpstr > sptr->sockhost].

So, to summarize:
binki, go with the patch, sounds like a good check, but..
- add a fix for this silly isdigit *tmpstr -1 thing as well
- add a verify_host() check prior to unreal_create_hostent() on line 191 of m_pass.c [verify_host might need to be made extern.. didn't check]
- I don't know if Inet_ia2p() can return NULL or something invalid? If so, perhaps we could check on that... and reject the user.
as for the sendto_realops(), yeah ehm... useful for tabrisnet, but something that needs to be removed before commit :P.

sorry, as you can see I couldn't dug into it much deeper at the moment.

theory: tabrisnet, if you use CGI:IRC, with non-WEBIRC (old method), and it omits the host, causes host to be NULL, then ip can be sent as ::ffff: and then perhaps this might happen. In WEBIRC this is not possible as host must be equal to ip to cause the 'unresolved ip', which is not possible as this is a line which cannot not be sent: {EDIT: you know what i mean, it can be sent, but it would be rejected due to too few params due to the : ;p}
WEBIRC eleet "cgiirc" ::ffff: ::ffff:
but as said, with the old method.. strchr on _ etc blabla... it might be possible :)


2010-05-19 18:22

reporter   ~0016095

yes, I did say that the reproducibility is RANDOM.

I actually had a WEBIRC user that connected with the 'funny IP syndrome' that then later (minutes) reconnected w/o it.

as to the next hops being IPv6, i played with it either way, did not make any difference. the server in question has listen addrs in both IPv4 and IPv6. Does not matter if the CGIIRC connects to the IPv6 or IPv4 listen port.

This is a user connecting with WEBIRC ( with DEBUGMODE enabled).

Parsing: WEBIRC secret java (from *)
FindCommand WEBIRC
Parsing: NICK :Guest34031 (from *)
FindCommand NICK
Parsing: PONG :D9739324 (from Guest34031)
FindCommand PONG
NOSPOOFch_cl: check access for Guest34031[]
ch_cl: access ok: Guest34031[::ffff:]Sending [ 001 Guest34031 :Welcome to the IRC Network Guest34031!htIRC-0h2x@::ffff:] to Guest34031
Sending [ 002 Guest34031 :Your host is, running version Unreal3.2.8.1+(debug)] to Guest34031
Sending [& Guest34031 1 !1BykmU htIRC-0h2x ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * SLpDOw== :WWW User ] to
Sending [& Guest34031 1 !1BykmU htIRC-0h2x ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * 18400517:CCA1E371:FF712BE3:IP SLpDOw== :WWW User ] to
Sending [& Guest34031 1 !1BykmU htIRC-0h2x ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * SLpDOw== :WWW User ] to
Sending [& Guest34031 1 !1BykmU htIRC-0h2x ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * SLpDOw== :WWW User ] to
Sending [& Guest34031 1 !1BykmU htIRC-0h2x ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * SLpDOw== :WWW User ] to

I have other logs from a 'monitoring server'. they doesn't show all of the inputs, but do show how often it happens and how sometimes a user can come back later w/o the funny IP. I can present some of those logs later.


2010-05-19 19:19

reporter   ~0016096

Proof it's 'random'.

scnet@athena:~/srsv/logs$ grep usmb_h96 netdump.log-2010-05-18|grep " & "
20:44:00 & usmb_h96 1 !1Byl9B htIRC-0min ::ffff: 9 0 +ix * A9694D2B:80B733CB:872E6D4A:IP KWdF6g== :WWW User
20:46:10 & usmb_h96 1 !1ByloG htIRC-0min 9 0 +ix * EE8A66E0.2DA25264.A4CF9A19.IP KWdF6g== :WWW User

Beginning to wonder if it really does happen when not htIRC user. I just took it as given when I saw the same error message during the spamflood. maybe not.

netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:01 & gfq6126 1 !1Byp54 gfq6126 9 0 +ix * RDcTlg== :gfq6126
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:01 :ConnectServ ! #Diagnostics :SIGNED ON user: gfq6126 ( - gfq6126) at
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:32 @9 ~ !18WLLY #pokemonlake :gfq6126
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:38 :gfq6126 & xpute4138 1274229098
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:38 :ConnectServ ! #Diagnostics :NICK CHANGE user: gfq6126 ( changed their nick to xpute4138
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:43 :ConnectServ ! #Diagnostics :SIGNED OFF user: xpute4138 ( - gfq6126) at - Client exited
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:48 :ServServ ! #Diagnostics :INFO: (ServServ) gfq6126 is connecting from United States (Manchester, Maryland) [Baltimore, MD]
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:31:48 :ConnectServ ! #Diagnostics :GLOBAL KILL user: gfq6126 (@) killed by NickServ - Session Limit Exceeded
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:35:48 ! #Diagnostics :gfq6126 has a NULL user->{__ID} in user_join_multi(#pokemonlake, ...
netdump.log-2010-05-19:00:44:51 :ServServ ! #Diagnostics :INFO: (NickServ) gfq6126!@ - registered gfq6126 (email: requires email validation code


2010-05-19 20:55

administrator   ~0016097

Thanks, output is helpful, though yeah.. the randomness is.. interesting.

Try replacing part of the code in docgiirc() (in m_pass.c) with this:

#ifdef INET6
char ipbuf[64], crap[32];
int ret; <-- add this

and then.. replace the step 1 part with this:
        /* STEP 1: Update cptr->ip */
#ifdef INET6
        /* Transform ipv4 to ::ffff:ipv4 if needed */
        if (inet_pton(AF_INET, ip, crap) != 0)
                snprintf(ipbuf, sizeof(ipbuf), "::ffff:%s", ip);
                ret = inet_pton(AFINET, ipbuf, &cptr->ip);
        } else /* else.. do like we normally do.. */
        ret = inet_pton(AFINET, ip, &cptr->ip);

        if (ret <= 0)
                return exit_client(cptr, cptr, &me, "Invalid IP address");

        /* STEP 2: Update GetIP() */

that might be the bug. or in any case it is *A* bug.
we put the ::ffff: prefix in for inet_pton, but it must NOT be used for all the rest.


2010-05-19 21:13

administrator   ~0016098

in addition to the fix above, the way to reproduce this (again, this particular bug, don't know if it's your bug) is sending USER prior to WEBIRC, instead of first WEBIRC and then NICK & USER.
Unfortunately you snipped that part of your log out, so I couldn't see if USER was sent prior to WEBIRC or after.


2010-05-19 21:30

reporter   ~0016099

WEBIRC is sent by the perl-code, NICK is sent by the perl-code, and then USER is sent by the javascript code.

So it would be _really_ weird if those got reordered (WEBIRC and NICK are part of the same string, like so: "WEBIRC ... blah blah blah\nNICK blah")

I'll see when I can try applying your patch.


2010-05-22 19:48

reporter   ~0016100

Patch applied yesterday, the bug hasn't asserted itself yet.

2010-05-24 20:11


ipv64.diff (1,637 bytes)


2010-05-24 20:12

reporter   ~0016106

Uploaded the patch I have (which is presumably a combination of syzop & binki's patches)

2010-05-27 07:09



2010-05-27 07:12

reporter   ~0016107

unreal-3.2.9-cvs-ipv6-cgiirc.patch gets rid of char crap[32] and, IMO, makes the code a bit more readable (even though the patch itself is ugly ;-) ).

AFAIK, this does exactly the same thing as tabrisnet's patch and tabrisnet claims that his patch fixes his issue. I'll commit this soon if this is good.


2010-05-27 09:40

administrator   ~0016108

looks good, it includes all things I mentioned..
except one, maybe you could do that as well? the verify_host() thing.
I know, not related to this bugreport, but if you're at it.. why not :P
Oh, and the tmpstr -1 thing.
You can always split it in two commits / patches, if you want.


2010-05-27 17:42

reporter   ~0016109

Oops! I skipped over your entire comment on tmpstr-1, I'll try to address that too.


2010-05-28 23:34

reporter   ~0016110

Hopefully the following two commits fixed the problem: (commitid: zJkXriiFw1tRNAAu, OCqfoAJHNezAx5zu)

- Partially fixed bug where IPv4 addresses were randomly mishandled by the
  cgiirc code, resulting in the sockhost/hostmask being set to something like
  ::ffff:, which confused the s2s protocol. Reported by tabrisnet
  (0003907). Also, reject incorrectly formed hostnames from WEBIRC command.
- More strict sockhost (hostmask) checking in m_nick.c:_register_user(). Fixed
  some bad string handling as well. See comments in bug (0003907).


2010-05-29 12:22

administrator   ~0016111

looks fine


2010-06-10 05:19

reporter   ~0016114

Have run the CVS for 24 hours, the bug has not shown up that I can see.


2010-06-10 05:20

reporter   ~0016115

Thanks, tabrisnet :-)

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