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0003934unrealdocumentationpublic2011-06-05 21:32
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Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC2 
Summary0003934: Update translations
DescriptionOnce the docs are finalized, so when at RC1, I need to send the updates (diffs) to the translators.
Preferably, restore the translators mailing list, as it's currently not functioning.

Also, need to go through outdated translations -- preferably BEFORE rc1. Some have not been touched for like 2 or 3 years and should maybe be scheduled for removal?
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2010-07-15 13:49

reporter   ~0016198

Maybr not removal, mark as depricated and ask people via site what we want new translators :]


2010-07-15 15:55

administrator   ~0016199

Last edited: 2010-07-15 16:10

Yeah, and I should act on those abandoned docs now.

I just posted a message on the forums, see asking for Spanish and Greek translators
EDIT: .. and Dutch, I don't like doing that myself ;p

Last updates (excluding myself doing version changes):

Spanish: Sat Dec 2 11:11:39 2006 UTC
Greek: Sat Dec 2 09:56:07 2006 UTC
Turkish: Fri Jul 13 23:02:47 2007 UTC
French: Fri Dec 21 16:45:02 2007 UTC

I think for French and Turkish I might still be able to prod them to get things up to date. I'll try that first before asking new people ;)

Only the German, Russian and Hungarian translated docs are somewhat up to date (.. I'm not counting 6 months out of date).


2010-07-23 23:49

reporter   ~0016248

I can help a bit with the Greek language. :-)


2011-06-05 21:26

administrator   ~0016660

Greek, Spanish, and Dutch are still outdated :(
For each of those languages we had new translators (sometimes even multiple) but they never sent their final result... perhaps there's some kind of curse on the job...

Sucks bigtime, but I guess I'll just mark them as out of date.


2011-06-05 21:32

administrator   ~0016661

"fixed" isn't really appropriate, but have dealt with the problem at the moment.

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