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0003939unrealircdpublic2010-08-04 02:04
Reporterwarg Assigned Toohnobinki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003939: patch to fix for various compiler warnings
Descriptionpatch fixes these warnings:

# GCC 4.4.4
ssl.c: In function ‘ssl_get_cipher’:
ssl.c:437: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type

# GCC 4.3.2
s_user.c: In function ‘check_for_target_limit’:
s_user.c:463: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size

# GCC 4.3.2
support.c: In function ‘encode_ip’:
support.c:1824: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size
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has duplicate 0003929 closed patch for ssl.c:437: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type 


2010-07-20 04:44


warg-warn-fix.patch (1,205 bytes)


2010-07-22 12:19

administrator   ~0016241

I wonder if binki can spot the error in this patch ;)


2010-07-22 14:08

reporter   ~0016243

base64 encoding a pointer instead of an IP address?

I'd have to look at the context to verify the last two chunks of the patch.


2010-07-22 15:22

administrator   ~0016245

Last edited: 2010-07-22 15:23

exactly.. in chunk 2 and 3 you now deal with the pointer itself, which would result in broken nickip and broken target flood detection.

3 obviously just not add the & I think.
for 2.. if you look at the CURRENT code, it's pretty mysterious :P. Basically a pointer is set to the value of the ip (aka: to the IP itself), and then the pointer is b64encoded. Ok, that might work, but is rather... odd. presumably for 2 the & as in the patch should be done, and the & should be removed for the b64_encode in the line under it? Or maybe you could even do without using 'cp' in that part. I did not test...

If you, binki, would like to take this, and test it, then feel free to commit for 3.2.9. (assuming you're not going to rewrite the whole function... but just those few lines :D)


2010-07-22 16:42

reporter   ~0016246

sorry for my mistake

2010-07-22 19:29



2010-07-22 19:30

reporter   ~0016247

unreal-3939-fix-casts-const.patch: use double-casting to make GCC happier.


2010-07-24 22:19

administrator   ~0016249

does this work on non-C99 compilers, binki? Like will it define those types if they don't exist... (see our coding guideline nr 9)

also, like I said for 2.. I'd rather like:
- cp = (u_char *)ia.s_addr;
- b64_encode((char *)&cp, sizeof(struct in_addr), buf, 25);
+ b64_encode((char *)&ia.s_addr, sizeof(struct in_addr), buf, 25);

assuming that fixes the warning for warg too...
warg, could you test that?

On a side note warg, looking at your warnings, they are 64 bit related I think [except for nr 1 of course] :). I can't test it, as I don't have a 64 bit system.

If all from above is satisfied, then feel free to commit.


2010-07-25 03:04

reporter   ~0016250

> does this work on non-C99 compilers, binki? Like will it define those types if they don't exist... (see our coding guideline nr 9)

The documentation for AC_TYPE_INTPTR_T claims that these types will be defined. Like you can't test the 64-bit-related problems, I can't test this ;-). I suppose that #define-ing this in win32's fixed setup.h would be the correct solution? And hopefully win32 means no 64-bit support...?


2010-07-25 20:07

administrator   ~0016251

yea, think so :)


2010-08-04 02:04

reporter   ~0016253

- Fix a few compiler warnings with some double-casting and another const. (0003939)
- Define intptr_t in win32's setup.h. (0003939)

I didn't test much other than that the unrealircd runs, links in normally, and works with clients like I'd expect it to. I.e., I don't know what circumstances cause encode_ip() to be used or how to test the throttling code.

Oh, and I can only hope that my #define in win32/setup.h works ;-).

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