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0003943unrealircdpublic2010-11-16 20:36
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
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PlatformAnyOSWindowsOS Version???
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003943: loadmodule permission denied errors on windows
DescriptionIt seems we frequently get users with 'Permission denied' problems in the support channel, and sometimes on the forums. However, there has never been a bugreport about it.

I wonder what's causing these errors, and if we can do something about it to prevent them... either in the installer or in Unreal.

It seems to happen more often than before, when I thought it was just someone incorrectly CACLS'ing or whatever their c:\program files, it seems to be a more general issue now...

I've never experienced the issue myself (XP), so any advice on how to reproduce it would be nice. Stealth, or anyone else? :P
Additional InformationIt's not my idea to add issues this late for release, but if this could be fixed for 3.2.9 it would be nice, it seems like a real issue.. but I don't know how big it is or how easy or hard to fix...
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3rd party modules


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2010-08-24 22:48

reporter   ~0016310

Unreal installer want admin rights for setup.

Cannot run makecert.bat after install under user

Only if I give admin rights for me through Properties - Security to whole folder Unreal 3.2 it give to me write/read files and run unreal just starting wircd.exe

If I check "install as service", service is installed, but makecert.bat have the same problem. I need to open "cmd" as admin and start makecert.bat in Unreal3.2 dir.

I don't see loadmodule error in my Win 7 (x64).


2010-08-27 18:37

reporter   ~0016321

Since i have UnrealIRCd on Win7 i didn't notice a error when i loaded a 3rd party module or something else...


2010-10-20 01:49

reporter   ~0016386

Last edited: 2010-10-24 20:51

The reason a error like:
Unable to create file 'tmp/10D9D743.commands.dll': Permission denied
shows up is because as a normal user we do not have the ability in Windows 7/vista to write to Program Files folder where Unreal folder is located and where tmp folder is created. I think in future, the tmp files should be created in
added a simple patch (just as a idea, would need to fix other tmp directives to match with this if its okay to do something like this.)

2010-10-24 19:57


patch2 (530 bytes)


2010-10-31 15:53

reporter   ~0016394

Actually, looking at the installation script, it would probably be easier to do something like,

Name: "{app}\tmp\"; Permissions: everyone-modify

Which will basically set the permissions on creation and this indeed does work and is a very easy fix.

2010-10-31 16:17


patch2.patch (556 bytes)


2010-11-15 14:28

administrator   ~0016400

Thanks for tracing this.
I've made a new installer:
This one sets permissions of the Unreal3.2 directory (and it's children) to be writable by the user running the install. The user can still decide not to do this, as it's a checkbox item (and is checked by default).
It does this right after installing the files, so before makecert is run.
I decided to go this way, because setting it to everyone sounds a bit overkill, and 'simply' moving tmp to the profile isn't an option either as you then still have problems with ircd.log, ircd.tune, and any other files (think: 3rd party modules) that need to be writable/creatable.

<offtopic>It also prevents trying to both install as a service and encrypt the certificate.</offtopic>

If anyone who normally experiences this problem with UnrealIRCd under windows could test it with this installer, that would be nice :)


2010-11-15 14:41

administrator   ~0016401

Added in CVS .894, but like I said, I will need confirmation before marking this issue as resolved:
- Win32 installer: Make it so a user can no longer accidentally check both
  'install as service' and 'encrypt SSL certificate', as they are
  incompatible (a service cannot ask a user to enter a password).
- Win32 installer: Fixed long outstanding problem with some Vista / Windows 7
  installations, which has to do with file permissions of the Unreal3.2
  folder. Symptoms were error messages such as:
  Unable to create file 'tmp/10D9D743.commands.dll': Permission denied
  But also failing to create SSL certificates, nothing being logged, etc.
  This is now fixed by setting write access on the Unreal3.2 folder to the
  user running the install, unless the user chooses not to use this new
  option (it can be unchecked), in which case the user is warned that he
  should take care of this himself.
  Reported by various persons, special thanks to Bock and goldenwolf for
  helping us to track down this issue (0003943).


2010-11-15 14:44

administrator   ~0016402

Bock, 'Unreal installer want admin rights for setup' will still be the case (this is correct), but the 'Cannot run makecert.bat after install under user' should be fixed.


2010-11-15 14:45

administrator   ~0016403

Last edited: 2010-11-15 14:48

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ARGH.. why does mantis change bug status if I post a comment? Leave it at 'feedback' damn it...

EDIT: Ah, $g_reassign_on_feedback = OFF !


2010-11-15 17:52

reporter   ~0016414

Hey, fixes the issue.


2010-11-16 18:51

reporter   ~0016418

works nice for me. certs are makes correctly, permissions on folder is good too.


2010-11-16 20:36

administrator   ~0016419

Great, thanks to both of you for your help :)

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