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0003953unrealircdpublic2012-01-22 16:55
ReporterNath Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSLinux/WindowsOS VersionUbuntu (Linux) 
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0003953: Mode +I for hiding oper Idle times.
DescriptionAfter reading through the m_whois.c file, I cam across a comment which didn't really apply to what the code was actually doing. The comment in question:

* Fix /whois to not show idle times of
* global opers to anyone except another
* global oper or services.
* -CodeM/Barubary

The code didn't appear to actually do that at all. So I decided to patch a usermode that opers can set, to hide their idle time if they so wish.

I have chose the usermode +I. For 2 reasons:

"I" can easily relate it "IDLE" and so seems practical to use.

"I" also can redeem itself as a sensible umode, and could potentially cause hassle for any more +I invisible hacks out there.

I have uploaded my patch, any constructive criticism is welcome. :)
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2010-08-31 22:14

reporter   ~0016322

In the diff in umodes.c, I suggest to try to fit in to the surrounding convention of 0L instead of 0l.

I don't understand why you're adding minus signs in the middle of m_whois.c and gcc doesn't either:
gcc -I../include -pipe -g -O2 -funsigned-char -fno-strict-aliasing -Wno-pointer-sign -export-dynamic -fPIC -DPIC -shared -DDYNAMIC_LINKING \
                -o m_whois.c
m_whois.c: In function 'm_whois':
m_whois.c:332: error: wrong type argument to unary minus
make[2]: *** [] Error 1

In the comment about ``Umode I'', howabout ``Umode +I''? The + is a visual aid to me, not sure about others ;-). And prepend ``Nath'' with a `-' :-p

And I personally prefer simpler logic:
!((acptr->umodes & UMODE_HIDLE) && !IsAnOper(sptr))
could become the following perhaps?
(IsAnOper(sptr) || !(acptr->umodes & UMODE_HIDLE))


2010-09-02 21:55

reporter   ~0016323

This is definitely a good idea, and I do agree with needing a little bit of cleanup to ensure that it is both functional and bettering the source.


2010-09-02 22:23

reporter   ~0016324

unreal-3953-hidle-r1.patch: Fixes the things I addressed, compiles, and appears to work.

On a separate note, the m_whois.c lines that this patch modifies happens to be the line that causes user idle times to only show up if the WHOISee and the WHOISer are both on the same server. I.e., this ``MyConnect(acptr)'' check. Is this intended or should I open another bug to enable idle times to be checked from different servers?


2010-09-03 02:59

reporter   ~0016325

Not showing remote idle times is intentional behavior (as most IRCds do this). To see remote idle times, you need to send "WHOIS <nick> <nick>". This might be addressed somewhere else in the source, as a server-server WHOIS is different than client-server.


2010-09-19 16:55

administrator   ~0016367

Patch looks fine (-r1).

I'm ok with putting it in (prolly post-3.2.9, though). Seems the consensus is that this is worth a user mode.

It needs some documentation, however. Like help.conf and unreal32docs.html.

As for your question ohnobinki, a server does not and cannot know the idle time of a remote user, only the server the target is on knows. The current code is correct. It does allow a remote user to whois a local user, in the way Stealth described, in which case it would show the idle time (or not, if +I).

Could anyone verify that services (current anope, latest ircservices, and possibly others) deal with +I properly? Like don't have any old code that treats it was some kind of danger and/or that it causes misunderstanding...
We once had that with +T, which used to be Techadmin, and then became (many years later) a CTCP blocker... this caused one of the services packages to treat normal users like admins :p


2010-09-19 18:44

reporter   ~0016368

unreal-3953-hidle-r2.patch: Same as last patch, but includes docs for help.conf and unreal32docs.html. I sneaked in a blurb about WHOIS <nick> <nick> too.


2010-09-19 21:32

reporter   ~0016369

Last edited: 2010-09-19 21:47

> Could anyone verify that services (current anope, latest ircservices, and possibly others) deal with +I properly?

Personally I believe (along with many others) we shouldn't be worried about the maintenance of services packages since there are many still compatible with Unreal that are no longer in development. Even though we do have a decent relationship with the 3 larger service projects (ircservices, anope, atheme), they should be responsible for checking the release notes and updating their supported modes accordingly as they should with every release.

Along with that +I was removed so long ago that any service package in current development with supporting code should have their developers tarred, feathered, hanged, and shot.


2010-09-21 22:09

reporter   ~0016376

Personally, for neatness I believe HIDLE should be unset when a user deopers, especially since the user cannot unset it themselves after deopering. I know I know it doesn't have an effect if the user isn't opered, but I'm a neatfreak :P


2011-12-09 00:31

reporter   ~0016809

Last edited: 2011-12-09 00:57

Found this while browsing the 3.2.10 TODO list.

Anope -
1.8 +I not found.
1.9 +I not found.

Atheme -
6.0.9 +I not found.
7.0.0-alpha11 +I not found.

Epona -
1.5rc3 - +I not found.

IRCServices -
5.1.24 +I found. old +I (invis) supported.


2012-01-22 16:55

administrator   ~0016889
- New user mode +I (IRCOp only) which hides idle times to other users,
  suggested and patch supplied by Nath & binki (0003953).

Thanks for the patch.
- Added remove_oper_modes(), which works just like remove_oper_snomasks(),
  and ensures that the user does not have any ircop-only user modes after
  de-opering. This (only) fixes the just added +I umode case, but could
  also prevent future bugs.


Thanks for searching katsklaw. That looks good (otherwise I'd have sent an email to some of them). I can live with the ircservices, as it's unmaintained.

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