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0004301unrealircdpublic2014-03-14 01:14
Reporterpeterkingalexander Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.10 
Summary0004301: Unreal3.2.10 TODO
DescriptionParent bug for TODO's for 3.2.10 (or whatever it will be called)

Right now it's purpose is to make clear which requests will not be done in 3.2.9, but possibly in .10.

IMPORTANT: Several of the items here may be reassigned to 3.3* and vice versa!!
Additional InformationUsual disclaimer:
* Some things here might not be done, many other things not mentioned here will be done.
* Please do not post any bugnotes here. Post bugnotes in the original bugreports instead. Understand, though, that mass-posting to every and each issue "this should be in next version" will not be appreciated either.
* There's no clear ETA regarding this release, and if any estimate is given at a later point, then understand that these are date/time ESTIMATES, and are rarely 100% correct.
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3rd party modules


parent of 0001245 resolvedsyzop I/O engine / poll() support 
parent of 0003900 resolvedsyzop UHNAMES following HTM 
parent of 0003953 resolvedsyzop Mode +I for hiding oper Idle times. 
parent of 0003967 resolvedsyzop [patch] Use modern numeric replies for LUSERS 
parent of 0004049 resolvedsyzop Using a version named folder at the tarball 
parent of 0004064 resolvedohnobinki Expose STARTTLS support in ISUPPORT 
parent of 0004078 resolvedsyzop [feature] make NOSPOOF runtime configurable 
parent of 0004091 resolvedsyzop Make curl use poll with USE_POLL 
parent of 0004019 resolvedsyzop SSL Client Certificate Fingerprint Authentication 
parent of 0004104 resolvedsyzop modulize client CAP system & add disable options 
child of 0003055 resolvedsyzop Server-side MLOCK support 



2010-07-02 10:22

administrator   ~0018111

Also go through #3049 (3.3 suggestions/features):
1) see what can be backported (also go through 3.3* changelog)
2) see what can be done what was originally scheduled for 3.3*


2012-10-15 21:30

administrator   ~0018112

* Updated c-ares to latest version today.
* I've already rebuild all libraries on Windows to recent versions, which is always quite some work (though not too bad this time).

Now only left to do are 1 or maybe 2 issues, and that's it.

Then write release notes, update versions everywhere, and compile Windows builds.


2012-10-15 21:32

administrator   ~0018113

Oh... and create a subforum on with items to test.. that also takes 1-2 hours.. grmpf. But is important ;)

We'll see.. expect a 3.2.10-something release on Wednesday.. and be happy if it's on Tuesday already ;)


2012-10-17 15:43

administrator   ~0018114

Last edited: 2012-10-17 15:43

3.2.10-rc1 has been put on the website.

I'm going to wait another X hours, or maybe wait until tomorrow, and then send out an announcement.


2012-12-25 18:10

administrator   ~0018115

Unreal3.2.10 released & Unreal3.4 development

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