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0003967unrealircdpublic2011-12-25 12:55
ReporternenotopiaAssigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0003967: [patch] Use modern numeric replies for LUSERS

current versions of various IRCds have changed the numeric format for LUSERS output.

the attached patch changes the numeric format used for LUSERS to bring it in line with the current numeric format.

please consider applying it for 3.2.9 or 3.2.10.
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2010-11-21 04:35

reporter   ~0016437

I am not sure if we should really change this, as the patch filename implies it's for IRCv3 compatibility, which Unreal is not.

If we were to make Unreal fully compatible for IRCv3, we should do it all at once and not individual small changes. We should also include a method so admins can go backwards to the current IRC standard.

PS: I have yet to see an IRCd send me the 'new' numerics. It would be nice if you can provide names and versions so we can verify these are stable-branch additions to released versions of those IRCds.


2010-11-21 05:43

reporter   ~0016438


following ircd versions,

- ircd-ratbox 1.5 and later
- ircd-hybrid 7.3 (unreleased)
- charybdis (all versions)
- ircnet ircd 2.10+
- conferenceroom 4+

all support the new LUSERS numeric format for years now. there are also some variants of ircu which support the new numeric, but i don't pay much attention to ircu.


2010-11-21 05:50

reporter   ~0016439

regarding implementation of other IRCv3 features, I plan to introduce client capability negotiation patches into the 3.2.10 development cycle as well.

SASL however will require the addition of unique IDs to the server protocol, so it should wait for the next development cycle. i'm not concerned about there being problems adding unique IDs to the protocol as having a fallback is easy enough, but it needs to wait for 3.2.11.

the LUSERS change is an optional component which clients can take advantage of immediately with no side-effects, which is why I proposed putting it into 3.2.9, but it's not going to happen there (instead it's part of the 3.2.10 todo) so by the time 3.2.10 is getting wrapped up, client capability negotiation should be there.


2011-12-25 12:55

administrator   ~0016824

- Added patch from nenotopia to use more modern LUSERS numerics (0003967).


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