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0004014unrealinstallingpublic2012-02-28 04:29
Reporterkatsklaw Assigned Toohnobinki  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0004014: ./configure script's PACKAGE_VERSION does not match the actual unrealircd version
Descriptionconfig.status still shows package info instead of 3.2.9
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has duplicate 0004093 closedohnobinki configure says version is 



2011-03-19 06:07


configure.patch (2,729 bytes)


2011-04-03 06:28



2011-04-03 06:30

reporter   ~0016634

unreal-4014-version-AC_INIT.patch: This patch causes all of the version information to be stored in one place, the AC_INIT() call, instead of scattered into the header files.

It's a little dirty as it parses out the version string into the components, which is necessary for modules to have #if preprocessor directive to distinguish between different unrealircd APIs. But I would like to move this version information to be stored more centrally in where it normally is instead of updated in a header file ;-). That way this particular problem can't happen again.


2011-12-25 17:39

administrator   ~0016835

Looks nice.

Just asking: does the macro stuff you added in the version.h work on all compilers we use? Is it standard?

Oh and one minor thing, we use a hyphen, and not an underscore before the pre/post/rcX suffix in the UnrealIRCd version string (so: 1.2.3-rc1, not 1.2.3_rc1). Perhaps you prefer underscores but I just find it plain ugly ;P

Other than that, looks fine I think.


2011-12-26 18:17

reporter   ~0016837

I'm quite sure that the macro stuff is standard. I couldn't find anything for certain online, but it appears that MSVC would support it -- I don't really have a win32 compilation environment at the moment.

The ugly thing about this patch is that it still requires manual updating of the three macros, just now in include/win32/setup.h instead of include/version.h. Ideally, of course, Windows users should just be able to run ./configure :-p. But there are other files which are not covered which would need to be updated during a release, such as src/version.c.SH... maybe some of these can be handled more automatically but the Windows-specific ones can't be helped for now.

Regarding the hyphen versus underscore, I preferred the underscore because it matches Gentoo's naming conventions. But the patch itself doesn't enforce things one way or another and I'm fine with a hyphen since that's how all other unrealircd version strings have been written.


2011-12-26 18:27

reporter   ~0016838

Now it should be harder to accidentally release a source tarball of UnrealIRCd with the incorrect version in PACKAGE_VERSION.

- Enforce matching of unrealircd version and PACKAGE_VERSION macros. Now the
  UNREAL_VERSION_SUFFIX macros are autogenerated from PACKAGE_VERSION (0004014).

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