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0004017unrealinstallingpublic2011-06-06 05:05
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Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC2 
Summary0004017: ./unreal gencloak can produce invalid cloak keys
DescriptionUnrealircd requires that every cloak key used have at least one lowercase alphabetic character, one uppercase alphabetic character, and one number. kvant and coobra found out that ./unreal gencloak (./ircd -k) can produce an invalid cloak key.

I think that unrealircd's cloak generator function

1. should produce longer keys (which will reduce the likeliness of this rare case happening). The fact that enough of the generated keys (see Steps to Reproduce) do not fit unrealircd's own criteria for strength suggests that the current length is lower than would be ideal
2. should automatically reject keys which don't fit its own requirements, possibly testing them with the same functions which parse a user's key in s_conf.c.

Another option might be to test users' cloak keys with cracklib or something(?)
Steps To ReproduceThis can be easily reproduced with the following script where you fix ``./src/ircd'' to point to your ircd binary:

$ i=0; while ! ./src/ircd -k 2>&1 | grep -v -e ' ' | grep -e '^[^A-Z0-9]*$' -e '^[^a-z0-9]*$' -e '^[a-zA-Z]*$'; do i=$((i+1)); done; echo $i

I get outputs such as:

ohnobinki@ohnopublishing ~/unreal.1 $ i=0; while ! ./src/ircd -k 2>&1 | grep -v -e ' ' | grep -e '^[^A-Z0-9]*$' -e '^[^a-z0-9]*$' -e '^[a-zA-Z]*$'; do i=$((i+1)); done; echo $i
ohnobinki@ohnopublishing ~/unreal.1 $ i=0; while ! ./src/ircd -k 2>&1 | grep -v -e ' ' | grep -e '^[^A-Z0-9]*$' -e '^[^a-z0-9]*$' -e '^[a-zA-Z]*$'; do i=$((i+1)); done; echo $i
ohnobinki@ohnopublishing ~/unreal.1 $ i=0; while ! ./src/ircd -k 2>&1 | grep -v -e ' ' | grep -e '^[^A-Z0-9]*$' -e '^[^a-z0-9]*$' -e '^[a-zA-Z]*$'; do i=$((i+1)); done; echo $i

Thus, though the happenstance is unlikely it still does happen ;-).
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2011-04-03 06:46



2011-04-03 06:47

reporter   ~0016635

unreal-4017-generate-good-cloakkeys.patch: Without this patch, those bash loops I ran could find cloak keys which unrealircd would reject within a second. With this patch, it appears impossible... and I even let one of those loops run for a minute with no results just to be sure ;-).

May I commit?


2011-06-05 21:12

administrator   ~0016658

Yup, looks good, so go ahead.


2011-06-06 05:05

reporter   ~0016663

Committed as, thanks for the approval ;-).

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