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0004049unrealinstallingpublic2012-12-25 18:09
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Product Version3.2.9 
Fixed in Version3.2.10 
Summary0004049: Using a version named folder at the tarball
DescriptionI recommend the use of a folder named by the current version at the tarball, as it is "Unreal3.2" I and a lot other people were close overwriting their current setup by accident.
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2011-11-06 17:26

reporter   ~0016777

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2011-11-06 17:29

reporter   ~0016778

Yes, it is a good idea. I have also overwritten my setup when extracting that tarball. God bless backups.


2011-11-06 17:40

reporter   ~0016779

+1 here to i all most did the same thing had one of them last moemnet rebound way from the enter key at the last moment sort of moments followed by a phew lol


2011-11-06 18:17

reporter   ~0016782

+1 Now that I have the right account. This is just smart, I've trashed an ircd more then once because I was running it from the same directory as it was built in. This forced me to install to a different target to prevent this from happening.


2011-11-07 01:25

reporter   ~0016783


The folder name should be identical to the tarball's basename, as is standard practice.

But, of course, this shouldn't be changed for the current release because that'd invalidate checksums and it is more of a minor issue.


2011-11-20 21:39

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2011-11-22 02:58

reporter   ~0016796

Most *nux users mv Unreal3.2 - urown.


2011-11-22 03:17

reporter   ~0016797

That's not the point static-x. having a tarball named UnrealVerision and an untar'd product as UnrealVersion and then having the default --prefix as UnrealVersion makes things very difficult. Now if tarballs and the untar'd product followed the basic convention of ProjectName-Version and --prefix was an entirely different target (say ircd or something similar) then this problem wouldn't be an issue.

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