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0004055unrealircdpublic2012-10-06 12:52
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Summary0004055: [feature] Move shun permissions to a shun block or set::shun
DescriptionThis will allow admins to define permissions for users that are shunned to match their network policies.

shun {
    options {
       join "no";
       join-help-chan "yes";
       part "yes";
       msg-opers "yes";
       msg-users "no";
       msg-chans "no";
       keep-chanops "no";

Shun should always allow ADMIN, QUIT and PONG. For backward compat, all options as well as the block it's self should be optional. Values not included should be an implied "no".
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2012-01-22 17:35

administrator   ~0016895

This sounds like a good idea. It would make the SHUN feature a lot more useful.


2012-05-10 19:28

reporter   ~0016998

Perhaps there should also be a separate oper block flag for shun as well just to compliment this feature.

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