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0004064unrealircdpublic2011-12-21 10:47
Reporterohnobinki Assigned Toohnobinki  
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Product Version3.2.9 
Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0004064: Expose STARTTLS support in ISUPPORT
DescriptionUnrealIRCd doesn't explicitly tell clients that it supports STARTTLS. The client is expected to try the command and, see if the server responds with the proper numeric, and then upgrade. Some IRC clients avoid this sort of probing and would only upgrade if informed that the server supports STARTTLS.

I suggest that for now, at least, STARTTLS be added to the CMDS list outputed in ISUPPORT, for example: 005 EXCEPTS INVEX CMDS=KNOCK,MAP,DCCALLOW,USERIP,STARTTLS :are supported by this server

This would let clients look for the string `STARTTLS' in 005 numerics and upgrade upon receiving the numerics after registration (and perhaps before identifying to NICKSERV, etc.).
Additional Information(The suggested change is as simple as adding M_ANNOUNCE to the flags of STARTTLS's CommandAdd() call).

The controversial bit of this is that STARTTLS is, in many ways, just like another IRC command but in other ways very different -- if the command is successful, the client _must_ start a TLS negotation; and this command only makes sense in an unencrypted context. So maybe STARTTLS should just be thrown into the ISUPPORT string instead of listed with the CMDS list.
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2011-12-20 19:56

reporter   ~0016817

I noticed that inspircd's 005 numeric just lists STARTTLS out on its own, so if we take that as a precedent then we shouldn't list STARTTLS in the CMDS list: 005 bonki OPERLOG OVERRIDE REMOVE SAFELIST SECURELIST SSL= ESILENCE SILENCE=32 UHNAMES USERIP WATCH=32 SSL= STARTTLS :are supported by this server


2011-12-20 20:54

administrator   ~0016818

I see. Then again, does inspircd use CMDS= at all? I mean I see USERIP listed as well.

To me it would make perfect sense to list it in CMDS, as that is what it is.


2011-12-20 21:56

reporter   ~0016819

Should I throw this into CVS then? ;-)


2011-12-20 22:28

administrator   ~0016820

In CMDS= by setting M_ANNOUNCE at the STARTTLS CommandAdd() ? Yes, sure, go ahead :)


2011-12-20 23:29

reporter   ~0016821

Fixed in

- Include CMDS=STARTTLS in ISUPPORT/numeric 005 to let clients discover STARTTLS support through VERSION, before or after registration (0004064).

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