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0004362unrealircdpublic2015-08-08 17:49
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Product Version3.4-alpha3 
Summary0004362: [feature] Add vhost::class
DescriptionSimply put, add vhost::class. It works the same as allow::class or oper::class
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duplicate of 0004216 acknowledgednenolod [feature] Enhance vhost block 



2015-06-15 17:16

administrator   ~0018397

Could you tell us where it's for? Like an example case when you would use this?

First reaction: It sounds odd to do class modifying in a vhost block. I mean.. it's for vhosts... later on it was extended to also add an swhois but that's still more or less in the same area of things (namely: appearance). A class, however, is something different.


2015-06-15 19:19

reporter   ~0018399

If you know a person well enough to give them a vhost, you can reasonably trust them with more resources. ie, a higher sendQ or a higher maxclients.

the easiest way to do this is likely to just add vhost::class, then control it via a class block.


2015-06-15 19:32

reporter   ~0018402

as a side note, the severity should be "feature" not "minor". this is a feature request, not a bug.

At present I lack the access to change it myself.


2015-06-24 00:26

reporter   ~0018415

In my usecase, clients from Tor may need a higher maxclients because they all appear from the same IP, whereas for I2P clients they have individual anonymous addresses via CGI.

This would be great to help minimize the need for separate servers.


2015-07-26 04:55

reporter   ~0018567

At this point, my honest suggestion would be to use an oper block for this kind of thing.

Oper permissions refactor has made it so oper doesn't really give you _any_ permissions without an associated class, but can be used to set things like this.



2015-07-26 05:34

reporter   ~0018568

Firstly, I think assigning vhost to allow block makes more sense.

I think the idea here is to assign vhost to a group of clients categorized under the allow block. A good example here is clients connecting from Tor as mentioned by dg. Once hence receive their vhost as such: "". Another example would be WebIRC: "".

0004370 has a similar feature request

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