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0004555unrealircdpublic2016-01-22 17:51
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Summary0004555: #Define options
DescriptionTaking this option from anope, this would be an awesome feature to allow updates. It would allow people to utilize a define.conf file, and not have to change the unrealircd.conf file for each server. (Also beneficial for remote includes).

 * [OPTIONAL] Defines
 * You can define values to other values, which can be used to easily change
 * many values in the configuration. at once.
 * The define is used in multiple different locations throughout the
 * configuration for services clients hostnames.
        name = ""
        value = ""

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3rd party modules


duplicate of 0004144 resolvedsyzop Define Variables in config file. 



2016-01-22 17:51

administrator   ~0019071

This is indeed a good idea. It has been suggested in 0004144 already so I'm closing this one.

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