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0005280unrealircdpublic2019-12-28 09:43
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Fixed in Version5.0.0-alpha4 
Summary0005280: IRCv3 features to implement in U5
DescriptionThis is main goal of UnrealIRCd 5.

To implement:
- account-tag
- batch
- echo-message
- message-tags
- msgid
- server-time
- labeled-response (draft)

To investigate:
- invite-notify
- draft/setname

Not to implement (at this time, anyway):
- Monitor

See also at the bottom to see what UnrealIRCd does and does not support.
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2019-05-17 14:56

administrator   ~0020675

A lot of the foundation and basic support has been done for: batch, msgid, account-tag, labeled-response, server-time. Most, if not all, of the difficult stuff, anyway. I've added a number of notable FIXME's in the code. The other ones still need to be implemented but are more easy.

I'll focus first on getting the existing ones working ok, before concentrating on the rest. (But first I'm looking at U5 in general, what to include, so may still be a few days)


2019-07-07 16:19

administrator   ~0020761

Bump. Some of this has been implemented. Some not. Various things need more testing.

There have been maaaaany API changes to accommodate the IRCv3 message tags support.
Still to do are the hook changes, to pass a MessageTag * in there. That will be "fun".

After that, hmm, not sure if there will need to be more API changes, I don't think so.. but..


2019-07-13 15:45

administrator   ~0020777

Bump. Guess I will need to do the hook changes soon. Fun....


2019-08-13 18:51

administrator   ~0020814

Working correctly (seemingly):
- account-tag
- batch
- echo-message
- message-tags
- msgid
- server-time

Not working correctly:
- labeled-response (draft) <- will be looked at later, not a high priority item

To investigate, but likely post-5.0.0:
- invite-notify
- draft/setname

Not to implement (at this time, anyway):
- Monitor


2019-10-06 07:40

administrator   ~0020935

Last edited: 2019-10-06 07:41

Labeled-response is now seemingly working properly. I'm fine with the current featureset. Closing.

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