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Summary0005330: finish labeled-response implementation
DescriptionI did start a labeled-response implementation when starting on U5 dev back in April.

It still needs to be improved to become an acceptable/workable implementation, in particular if there are already tags in the message (easy) and if there already is a BATCH involved (more serious work)

Oh and update it now that IRCv3 has decided what to do with 0 length responses. The current draft spec is here

Since it's an experimental feature, I'm going to work on other things first, that have a higher priority.
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2019-08-18 15:20

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It mostly works right now, but will always issue a BATCH (except for emtpy replies, in which case it will issue an ACK). I'm sure there are corner issues, in fact there are some TODO/FIXME's spread around the source and on my list. But the basic idea is there. My last commit summarizes the current status and plans:

commit 33fcc5b550f05c0980c14b251c82a617e196eb0b
Author: Bram Matthys <>
Date: Sun Aug 18 09:24:43 2019 +0200

    Enough updates on labeled-response and echo-message for today.
    Note that the labeled-response implementation currently requires
    'batch' and will always start a BATCH if there is any response.
    Later on we can implement a simple queue so we don't have to
    start a batch for 1-line responses (which works, but looks a bit
    silly if you look at raw server traffic). That may be after alpha1,
    though, as there are more (important) things to work on right now.

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