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0005281unrealircdpublic2019-09-17 18:27
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Summary0005281: Configuration file ideas: define and conditional sections
Description1. define variables
2. condition sections with "if"
2a. based on defines
2b. based on if a module is loaded
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2019-05-17 15:10

administrator   ~0020676

Current idea after discussion is to support these things:
$define IPADDR xyz
listen { ip $IPADDR; .... }

$define SERVER ""
$if $SERVER == ""
link {

$if module-loaded("something")
block {
block {

helpop {
$if module-loaded("something")


2019-05-17 15:15

administrator   ~0020677

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I will probably do it as follows:
1. Load the includes
2. Resolve define's globally (result: it won't matter where the $define is, as this will be done in configuration file pass 1)
3. The $if's based on defines can then be resolved (sections enabled or disabled)
4. Load the modules
5. The $if's based on module-loaded() can then be resolved (sections enabled or disabled)

1. You cannot have an include within an $if, but you can do it in the include itself.
$if module-loaded("something")
include "something.conf"

But YES by doing it in the included file itself:
$if module-loaded("something")

2. You cannot $define within an $if

I think even with these limitations it will be quite nice :)


2019-05-17 15:21

administrator   ~0020678

Operations supported in $if:
$XYZ == "something"
$XYZ != "something"

No || or &&


2019-05-17 20:52

administrator   ~0020679

Just committed some stuff. Most things done.
Still need to do variable name/value replacement (so you can use $IPADDR if you used $define IPADDR... before...). And also cleanups and fixing some small issues (memory leak).

NOTE TO SELF: I think I forgot phase 1 so far, it has only phase 2 atm.

Also document limitations


2019-05-18 13:35

administrator   ~0020680

- you cannot use an include within an $if module-loaded()... [because of of the config sequence, pretty much impossible to solve] [too bad]
- you cannot use a loadmodule within an $if module-loaded()... [because of of the config sequence, pretty much impossible to solve] [not a problem I think]
- you cannot use $define within an $if.... [because I add defines straight away, this could be changed.... some day..]


2019-05-18 14:15

administrator   ~0020682

I've put 90% of the stuff in src/conf_preprocessor.c to make it look a bit more clean.
Actually source should still receive some cleanup ;)

Still to do:
1. Warn on limitations (see previous)
2. Replacement of defines in variable name/values in the conf, so you can use "ip $IPADDR;"


2019-05-25 15:52

administrator   ~0020696

TODO: fix some memory leak(s)
Maybe support $else? Or not.. because that could imply $elseif or $else..$if.. which we are unlikely to support soon ;)


2019-08-18 16:10

administrator   ~0020833

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So I guess the current implementation is doing well.
* It has 1 or 2 TODO/FIXME's that I still need to investigate
* Should warn on limitation (see few bugnotes up). It's not bad that there are a few limitations but we should really warn about them if possible.
* What, comments from above claim replacement of variables is still a TODO item? To my knowledge it is working already. Did not test within "" strings and such though.


2019-09-17 18:27

administrator   ~0020897

This does not appear to be working. Reported by Gottem and westor... so... I should definitely look into that.

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