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0005521unrealircdpublic2020-01-03 01:20
ReporterPeGaSuSAssigned To 
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PlatformUnixOSUbuntuOS Version18.04 LTS
Product Version5.0.0 
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Summary0005521: /SAPART command doesn't send a /PART to channels with chmode +D
DescriptionWhen a user is /SAPART'ed from a channel with chmode +D, the /PART isn't seen and the nick is still visible in the user list.
If the user does /PART #channel manually, then all works as expected.
Steps To Reproduce1) Set a channel with chmode +D
2) Do: /SAPART nick #channel
3) User is /SAPART'ed from the channel (notice is sent to snomask) but it's still visible in the user list
4) As a normal user, do /PART #channel
5) /PART is sent to the channel, user is seen leaving the channel and user list is updated accordingly
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