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0005806unrealircdpublic2023-04-14 07:31
ReporterPeGaSuS Assigned Tosyzop  
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PlatformUnixOSUbuntuOS Version20.04
Fixed in Version5.0.9-rc1 
Summary0005806: [5.0.9-git] Localhost IPs ( CIDR) on webirc gives false positive on dronebl dnsbl and stops users from connecting
DescriptionI had my webchat connecting via one of the localhost IPs (
After adding the dronebl blacklist to my configuration, my users were unable to connect to the network, because the IRCd was setting a G-Line on the localhost IP.

Soft G-Line added for *@ on Fri Jan 15 11:47:53 2021 GMT (from to expire at Sat Jan 16 11:47:53 2021 GMT: [x] Proxy/Drone detected. Check for details. [x]).

Using my VPS public IP instead, allow users to connect normally.

IMHO, the entire CIDR of localhost ( should be exempted of everything (or almost).

Steps To Reproduce1) Setup a listen block to use the as listening IP
2) Add the dronbl blacklist to your unrealircd.conf and rehash the server
3) Setup a webirc connection using the same IP and an appropriated webirc block
4) Try to connect to your network using the webchat. Your connection will be killed because the localhost IP used
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2021-01-17 08:51

administrator   ~0021880

Thanks. We are now exempting 127.* by default from a couple of ban types, including blacklist.

And yes, DroneBL bans and some other 127.* addresses too. Someone should probably tell them:
$ host -t a has address
Like you said, this leads to unexpected banning.

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