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0000605unrealircdpublic2004-05-27 18:08
ReporterTozz2 Assigned Tocodemastr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSLinuxOS Version2.4.29
Product Version3.2-RC2 
Summary0000605: NICKIP
DescriptionOriginal bugreport:
PROTOCTL HCN is ignored when mode set +F:
We use BOPM @ our Network, and I wanted to use BOPM network-wide. For this I have to edit the CONNREGEX (bopm specific), anyway.. BOPM requires its connection notice to be compliant with the HCN protocol, e.g.:

[22:59:20] *** Notice -- Client connecting: Tozz|braindead (Tozz@ephedra.selwerd.lan) [] {clients}

(Notice the IP). As you know you can change to HCN mode by typing: /quote PROTOCTL HCN

However, this is 'unset' when I do '/mode +s +F'. (View network-wide connection/disconnect notices). Is this normal behaviour?
Additional InformationNICKIP should be implemented (=sending ip addr in NICK msg), probably just via base64 which seems most logical (=just find a good base64 routine + inet_pton/inet_ntop stuff).
This would allow the following features:
- Show IPs for far connects (PROTOCTL HCN)
- Show IP in /whois (0001376)
- Services can know which bans matches a client, this would fix a 'remove all bans for user <x>' issue.
- I'm sure there's more :p
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2003-02-06 21:30

administrator   ~0001431

The problem is we currently don't know the IP of a remotely connected user. But codemastr was thinking about(/working at?) some protocol which is related to this :P.


2004-04-18 10:37

administrator   ~0005878


*Perhaps* I will take a look at this after a (few) month(s), we'll see.


2004-05-27 18:08

reporter   ~0006448

Added in .28

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