Released 2020-05-27
0005646: [installing] Update Windows libs for 5.0.5 (syzop)
0005680: [ircd] +f being set multiple times on netsync (syzop)
0005603: [ircd] TKL updates are gone (syzop)
0005669: [ircd] Rare crash issue involving third-party channel mode with param and +P (syzop)
0005667: [ircd] Buffer overflow in crule parser (syzop)
0005657: [documentation] who are limited to 100 results, when configured without limit (module whox.c) (syzop)
0005573: [ircd] restrict-commands: "exempt-identified" does not exempt "disable" (syzop)
0005632: [ircd] upgrade to c-ares 1.16.0 eventually (syzop)
0005634: [ircd] bypass ~f:#chan:mask ban by an operator invite (syzop)
0005644: [ircd] Chanmode +kL redirects even if joining with correct channel key (syzop)
0005640: [ircd] read_int64() may write OOB (syzop)
0005679: [installing] update pcre2 to 10.35 (syzop)
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