Released 2021-07-03
0005951: [ircd] Missing 'account' tag on INVITE messages (syzop)
0005934: [ircd] SJOIN bursts not properly propagated to SJSBY-supporting clients (syzop)
0005937: [ircd] memory leak in anti-flood (syzop)
0005904: [ircd] CHATHISTORY TARGETS should be sorted (syzop)
0005943: [ircd] Crash after adding allowed-nickchars to running server (syzop)
0005939: [ircd] Windows logging max file size reached x1000 (syzop)
0005945: [ircd] ./unrealircd genlinkblock - refuses to generate a link block with no tls (syzop)
0005936: [ircd] Make REHASH also reread TLS certs (syzop)
0005925: [ircd] Validate UID in UID command (syzop)
0005916: [ircd] Lots of autoconnects on large networks lead to race conditions/desyncs. (syzop)
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