Released 2021-12-29
0006016: [installing] ./unreal upgrade not working on FreeBSD and some suggestions (syzop)
0006024: [ircd] /Chgname give the result: chgcmds.CHGHOST_COMMAND [info] CHGHOST (syzop)
0006038: [ircd] The "set time" in the snotice glines has been removed (syzop)
0006029: [ircd] io.HIGH_LOAD [warn] HIGH CPU LOAD! fd_select() took 1234 msec (read: 1, write: 0) (syzop)
0006027: [ircd] Small details spotted in whois and (syzop)
0006032: [ircd] Timed extended bans do not get removed (syzop)
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