Released 2023-09-08
0005187: [installing] Default configuration can't use \p{} in spamfilter regexes (syzop)
0005256: [ircd] test online users against blacklist after a while (syzop)
0006300: [ircd] ban nick block - does not state who issued the command to cause the block message (syzop)
0006328: [installing] GENCERTIFICATE not written correctly in config.settings (syzop)
0006145: [ircd] Make spamfilter less intrusive (syzop)
0006292: [ircd] set security-group unknown-users resulting in weird behaviour (syzop)
0006303: [documentation] Minimum security level for oper password (syzop)
0006301: [ircd] 32bit OS on RPI with alot of modules yells CmodeAdd: out of space!!! (syzop)
0002667: [ircd] Restricted remote includes (syzop)
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