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0001507unrealircdpublic2010-07-14 21:27
Reporterace Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0001507: Remote including of MOTD files
DescriptionIt would be nice to be able to remotely ircd.motd, ircd.rules, ...files. There would be a block like:

motds {
motd "ircd.motd";
rules "ircd.rules";

Something like that. If you want to load an MOTD remotely, you'd simply replace the above with a URL, like
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3rd party modules


has duplicate 0002209 closed Remote downloading of motd and rules 
has duplicate 0003034 closed Remote MOTD / RULES (like remote includes) 
has duplicate 0003910 closed Feature Request: Remote MOTD and Rules file 
related to 0003202 resolvedsyzop Allow remote includes anywhere a file is expected 



2004-02-23 13:21

reporter   ~0005166

and this feature for tld:: would be even more usefull.


2004-02-23 16:55

reporter   ~0005167

I'll have to think about this. It definately will not be done until after 3.2 though.


2004-02-26 18:01

reporter   ~0005219

Hm... A web accessible motd... That could raise some quite interesting possibilities for irc stats pages on websites... :)


2004-12-01 22:45

reporter   ~0008450

>Hm... A web accessible motd... That could raise some quite interesting possibilities for irc stats pages on websites... :)

(Except don't forget that you have to /rehash [-motd] every time you update :-P .)


2004-12-09 23:31

reporter   ~0008574

i built a simple perl script to do this, its about time I updated it...
Basically it would download the network MOTD from the network site, merge it with a local MOTD for the individual server, move it to the Unreal dir, connect to the IRCd, oper, and /rehash -motd. Works well, now expanded so it auto-updates, as well as handling other .conf files, as a number of the servers on the network couldn't get curl installed for whatever reason.


2004-12-10 12:12

reporter   ~0008581

>connect to the IRCd, oper, and /rehash -motd

For the record, you do know you could just sighup the thing? :P

Anyway, it's also not hard for something like services to read MOTD from an http server and SVSMOTD it out to everywhere... but this could be interesting nonetheless.

On another consideration, if a tld from a remote included .conf specifies an motd, where is that motd read from (it might not make sense to read it from the local machine)? (I guess the same can be asked about confs included from a remote include... :o .)


2006-09-01 05:19

administrator   ~0012277

Last edited: 2006-09-01 05:19

I think we all agree this idea would be nice. Just need to hook someone to implement it ;p. This would be for Unreal3.3*.

When you're at it, see also 0003034 for some talk about specifying default motd/rules files... Even though I'm unsure if it's that useful since you can get the exact same effect by having a tld *@* block (ok almost, exact effect ;P).


2006-09-07 21:15

reporter   ~0012347

(ok almost, exact effect ;P). <-- exactly, apparantly remote queries of the motd only return the default ones... and well, adding a tld block just for that is kinda annoying :P


2010-07-14 21:27

administrator   ~0016190

Both specifying default motd/rules files through the files:: block, and now also the remote MOTD/rules/etc thing in CVS (for 3.2.9), are done now.

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